Friday, December 16, 2011

State of Cold Shutdown: Hosono Says "No One Knows Where the Fuel Is, But I'm Confident It is Cooled"

In a typical display of utter disregard for the general public, the Noda administration announced last night that there would be no more joint press conference where reporters could meet with TEPCO people and the government officials from the Cabinet Office and other relevant ministries and agencies, receive updates and ask questions.

The last night's joint press conference is to be the last one, now that Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant is officially in a "state of a cold shutdown" and the accident has been decreed by the government to be "over".

Here's what Minister in charge of the accident and Minister of the Environment Goshi Hosono had to say last night in the last joint press conference, as reported by Nifty News (12/16/2011):

...細野環境相は「どこに燃料があるのか、原子炉をあけてみなければ誰もわからない」と不安な部分ものぞかせたものの 野田首相に続いて、冷温停止という認識を再確認。「燃料の場所がどこにあるにしても、冷却されているという状態」と述べた。

Minister of the Environment Hosono expressed some concern that "No one knows where the fuel is until we open the reactors", but he reaffirmed the cold shutdown, following the lead of his prime minister. He said, "No matter where the fuel is, it is being cooled".

Trust us, take our word for it, he says.


Anonymous said...

For anyone, taking "their word" on the status of a disaster NO ONE has ever dealt with before, with corium which has left the containment vessel, with devices not able to measure tempurature of fuel --its not realistic to say "cold shutdown." How can anyone even say "it is being cooled" when no one knows WHERE it is--the mass can not be measured for degrees of heat -- they dont have a location to TEST!
If the people of Japan believe THAT-we have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell to them..
Japan needs to take responsibility for Fukushima, ask for international assistance, and stop radiating its citizens. Taking charge of their own fate!

Anonymous said...

It is extremely embarrassing to me... as a human...

Now we have a status of cold shutdown? More likely the pope wants to marry next week to buddha!


Anonymous said...

Hilarious!! This government is beyond humour.

"No one knows where the fuel is until we open the reactors", but he reaffirmed the cold shutdown, following the lead of his prime minister. He said, "No matter where the fuel is, it is being cooled".

I bet they wish that it would just disappear. Perhaps by ignoring it all and not thaving press conferences and moving everyone back in, the problem will just evaporate.

Like hell, yeah! I'm going to try and incorporate some of those skills into my life too. See how I get on...

Anonymous said...

wanting to ride the tiger on 4 fault lines in a tsunami zone is like craving a cigarette in a dynamite factory. Why does mankind only live for the moment, instead of considering all possible results from his actions? Is there perhaps a secret desire for catastrophic circumstances?

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, "Cold Shutdown" has been achieved because 10 tons on molten fuel has left the building!

Naturally, the temperature drops.... stupid political morons!

Cold shutdown is like saying 1,000 degrees of fire, is colder than 1,500 degrees of fire. But, the thing is still on fire!

These idiots all need prayer....

Len said...

Politicians are fools and dogs.

apeman2502 said...

The American scientists who trusted anybody with this technology were so wrong. This same group of Americans built it to do just what it is doing, and found the right group to make sure all the radioactivity was scattered down to the last millibequerel. It was the same U.S. government entity as oversaw and mandated the loading of the WTCs and Sears tower with demolition explosives during construction. Check it out. They still run the White House and threaten Americans while Americans prance and mewl and FAIL. Japan FAIL. America FAIL. Take away ALL dangerous technologies. Crazy power-mad fools invariably get to crash the plane.

Anonymous said...

I find it most interesting that at almost the exact time that the Japan Covernment (no typo)declares cold-shutdown at Fukushima, the US Covernment declares end of war in Iraq. Both of these declarations are absurd proclamations on their face. The largest American embassy complex in the world has been built in Iraq. Parts of Iraq are saturated with DU and will be toxic for generations. Tepco and Covernment are lulling the populace into a false sense of saftey with these falsehoods.The people of Japan and USA are all being deceived by powers and wickedness in high places. Time for humanity to wake up from the nightmare and effect change now.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone with at least a single brain cell, believe a single word these confirmed liars would ever say!

If Japanese education is so "world renown" then, no one there should believe any of their non-scientific rhetoric!

But, if the Japanese feel that they must trust the Government because of a sense of duty then, all their education was a waste of time....pathetic....

JackieG said...

What about the MOX fuel reactor #3 that blew up with chunks of fuel rod found 2 kilometres away?
Is that one in cold shut down?

JackieG said...

The spent fuel pools above the reactors contain 700 tons of fuel.
The reactors contain a 100 tons each.
A separate ground level pool has another 1089 tons in it with another 70 tons in dry storage.
For a total of 2000 tons at Fukushima Daiichi.
Chernobyl had a 180 tons on site.
With 30 tons in the reactor
Then TEPCO came out and said they had a total of 4700 tons at Fukushima Daiichi

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Please read up on fairwinds' assessment of the nuclear decay and why there is so little heat. The radioactivity is the same however.

R.B. said...

Let Jeffery Immelt (of G.E., CEO) go in and clean up the mess, actually the CEO (of G.E., whoever was back in 1973), because in 1973, 3 Engineers resigned with the Safety Issues (reagrding the Cooling Rod design for keeping the Reactor Rods cool, and with much redundancy-with this design, it didn't have), they had back then with the poor design of the BWR Nuclear Reactors, as G.E. executives were forewarned of a poor design with this G.E. BWR Nuclear Reactor.

bruce said...

they need to tunnel under the mess with a refractory container for this hellish mass.
separate and contain it.

bruce said...

one other thing... I read "toxic for generations" in relation to DU [ a misnomer because this is refined and nearly pure U238 ]contamination.
These areas of our planet will be DNA death zones until the end of time.
At least as far as this impudent and psychopathic species is concerned.

AnkhAton said...

Not the end of time

Only 4.5 Billion Years

But the climate thing actually is more
dangerous than all thos thins & powerplabts together

It's well explained by Nasa in National
Geographics MOVIE " Earth under water "

3 Sun cycles as always and 2 of them against us
but on top the CO2 thing

btw THE MELTING now is 6 times faster than during Al Gores time

Please Thumb UP my OBAMA BLUES
which offers the only solution
to prevent human extinction

If we fail we need 80.000 years to
have the status quo of today

Speaking of low IQ . . . . .
It's everywhere

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