Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Man Committed Suicide in His Home in Namie-Machi, Fukushima

His home was in Tsushima District of Namie-machi, northwest of Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant.

If you haven't read it, Asahi Shinbun's "Trap of Prometheus" Series 1 was about Tsushima District. That's where people from other parts of Namie-machi that are closer to the plant as well as from other towns and cities escaped to, not knowing the radiation was extremely high in Tsushima, exceeding 100 microsieverts/hour. The government knew, because it had SPEEDI simulation results and it actually sent an official there to measure the radiation levels. But it decided to keep quiet. (You can read the whole series here, as per my translation.)

Fukushima Minyu (12/16/2011) reports:


It has been disclosed that a man in his fifties were found dead earlier this month in his home in Tsushima District in Namie-machi, which is designated as "planned evacuation zone" after the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant accident. The man had come back from his temporary stay in Fukushima City where he had evacuated. According to the Futaba Police Department, the death is considered suicide.

同署によると、自宅にあった包丁を使い、腹を刺して自殺を図ったとみられる。遺書などはなかったという。男性は、福島市の親類宅に避難していたが、「自 宅に行ってくる」と言って出掛けた。帰りが遅いため不審に思った親類が自宅を訪ねると、男性が倒れていたという。

According to the Police, he must have used a kitchen knife at home and stabbed himself in the stomach. There was no suicide note left. The man was staying at his relative's house in Fukushima City, but he left, saying he was going to take a look at his home. When he didn't come back, the relative visited his home in Tsushima, and found him dead.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy as Chernobyls survivors predicted, the death by suicide will increase as the alcoholism related deaths...

Anonymous said...

He should have just kept smiling. /sarcasm

Nill Bond said...

Exactly increasing the alcoholism and drugs.The suicide ratio increased.Great view.Thanks for sharing such away.

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