Friday, December 16, 2011

Cold Shutdown State at #Fukushima: IAEA's Amano Congratulates

If the rulers decide it's a cold shutdown, it is a cold shutdown. If enough august entities say it enough times, it must be true.

IAEA's Director General is a former Japanese bureaucrat (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Yukiya Amano, who duly congratulates the Japanese administration for the exemplary job it has done and "significant progress" it has made, as follows:

16 December 2011 | IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano issued the following statement today:

The IAEA welcomes the announcement by the Government of Japan that the reactors at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station have achieved a "cold shutdown condition" and are in a stable state, and that the release of radioactive materials is under control.

Overall TEPCO and the Japanese government have made significant progress and have completed the second step of the TEPCO's roadmap by the end of the year as they had planned.

The IAEA is continuing to monitor the status of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station and the radiological situation in Japan following the earthquake and tsunami of March 11. The IAEA receives information updates from a variety of official Japanese sources, through the national competent authorities. The Agency continues to stand ready to provide necessary assistance to Japan as requested.

".. national competent authorities", that's too rich.


Anonymous said...

Re: "...national competent authorities", that's too rich.

Rich indeed.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me if it can be called 'cold shutdown' in case low temperatures are maimtained by means of on-going water injecting? Thanks. ==Elena==

Anonymous said...

This is such a joke. I am so glad that I read this site and others, and pass on the REAL information. Most people in Canada have 0 opinion on this issue, and have completely forgotten about it. SOOOO sad. Everyday I educate these sleeping sheep, and everyday I am more empowered.

Honest, Investigative and Thorough Information is such a valuable weapon against DIS-Information like this. It makes me so ashamed that these elites are ruining our lives because they play their political global game...

I hope TEPCO the worst in 2012 for doing this to the world, and ignoring it. I pray for all those lost and WILL BE lost from this.

Anonymous said...

Except below:

It's an achievement to have restored cooling and gotten water temperatures to 100 degrees, said Arnie Gunderson, a Vermont-based nuclear engineer who has testified to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission on Fukushima, said in a phone interview.

“But I don't know why they choose to say cold shutdown because that's an affront to those in the industry who really know what the term means,” he said. “That nuclear core is still in a configuration where the center is extraordinarily hot.”

War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Permanent Detention is Freedom, Obama is a Democrat, etc.

Anonymous said...

Gundersen was sounding like TEPCO in his latest video when he said the blob is not so hot any more and no 'China syndrome" will happen. And he sounds like others who are supposed to be indignant with the announcement of cold shutdown in that article.

Fall Out Man! said...

Early on in the disaster the molten cores were in a cycle of "recriticality" every few days. Gunderson is assuming that none of the cores are undergoing periods of fusion and heating themselves up anymore. But even in the past few days there is evidence that recriticalities could be going on.

If so, one or more of those cores could be far hotter than Gunderson speculates.

To be fair to Gunderson, he must be under tremendous pressure to play down the seriousness of the matter. He must know that if he were to tell the "full truth" about it, then he would be buying into a terrible fight. For that reason, I very greatly admire the stance Chris Busby has taken on this.

Anonymous said...

I very much admire Chris Busby for throwing his credibility under the bus when he started peddling his anti-radiation pills.

Anonymous said...

This Busby video was posted over a month before The Guardian attack piece

Busby says

It is straightforward, he says, to buy Calcium/ Magnesium tablets from health food shops where they are not expensive. The adult dose is about 800mg Calcium and 350mg Magnesium. Reduce the dose for children in proportion to their relative weight, so for a 10-year old, about 400mg Calcium and 175mg Magnesium. This is a critical issue: it will save lives and it is so simple and is absolutely harmless.

He never sold a single expensive pill of any sort and clearly advises people to buy supplements cheaply from a health shop as the first option.

Don't believe all the crap thrown at him.

Anonymous said...

"To be fair to Gunderson, he must be under tremendous pressure to play down the seriousness of the matter. "

" “But I don't know why they choose to say cold shutdown because that's an affront to those in the industry who really know what the term means,” he [Gunderson] said.

Those in the industry know the nuclides present will tell exactly what is occurring, and you don't hear a clamor for that divulging, do you ?

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