Saturday, December 17, 2011

Latest #Fukushima I Nuke Plant Video (12/14, 15/2011)

for your weekend viewing pleasure. A bleak scene after another against some dramatic wintry sky.

The video was shot on December 14 and 15, in preparation for the big day on December 16, the declaration of the end of the plant accident.

From the beginning, the Japanese captions as they appear:

(Initial screen) Current condition of Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, work progress. Video taken on December 14 and 15.

Reactor 1 building

Reactor 2 building, from the backside

Backside of Reactor 4 building, looking toward the central waste processing facility

Watertight bulkhead, ocean side (near Reactor 3, in preparation)

Water injection pump to the reactors

(Isn't that nice, the pump is on a truck...)

Central control room for the contaminated water treatment system

(Oh no, some kind of alarm setting off...)

Area G sludge storage facility (for sludge from AREVA's system)

(By the way, over 50 workers building the additional storage for the sludge have come down with what looks like a severe food poisoning, and the work is on hold.)

Area H storage tank location

Area C putting insulation on the hoses for the winter

Putting insulation on the pipes, near the central waste processing facility

Worker carrying insulation materials at the backside of the process main building

Debris removal from the upper floors of Reactor 4

(Now you can see the work. It was a planned dismantling.)

Bringing debris inside the tent, by remote control vehicles (carried out at night)

Construction of a new power transmission tower

The workers are putting insulation materials around the flexible PVC hoses (Kanaflex) in preparation of a cold winter.

(Then for some unknown reason, the video repeats, this time without captions.)

Just like the Self Defense Force soldiers scooping probably highly radioactive dead leaves from the gutter in Namie-machi, the Fuku-I workers are using their own hands (I guess there is no other choice) to put the insulation around the hoses. No information whether the water was running through the hoses as the workers put insulation.


citizenperth said...

I thought the same thing watching those poor people lovingly rubbing their hands over the hoses... they'll probably end up with food poisoning as well.....

shusse said...

Lol, they opened the wrong valve and spilled radioactive water for a few hours.

Atomfritz said...

Thank you very much for the translation and your comments!

"...over 50 workers building the additional storage for the sludge have come down with what looks like a severe food poisoning, and the work is on hold."

I immediately searched for more info on this "food poisoning" of these workers, because I instantly had to think about the gastrointestinal syndrome, which is the first phase of radiation sickness and the its effects are very similar to these of severe food poisoning.
But I couldn't find anything. Is this from worker tweets or official?

The workers in the storage are most at risk for radiation accumulation.
The stuff there is extremely HOT! The surface radiation of the tanks/the tubes could be in the multi-sieverts range, especially when the precipitation sludge settles.

Maybe they have been ordered to do some cleanup/repair work with their dosimeters turned off (which is common practice) and underestimated the effect?
Or, maybe there has been another spill that irradiated the workers until one after the other started to vomit?

Or whatever... this "severe food poisoning" looks somewhat suspect to me.

Viola said...

@ atomfritz:
see here

Viola said...

by the way:
these poor workers seem to be quite upset by the declaration of "cold shutdown":

Tokyo Shinbun (Tokyo Journal): Fukushima workers are furious, "the government is lying." Fukushima workers are furious to hear the Premier claiming that not only the temperature in the reactors is down but the situation is now under control. "I do not understand what he is talking about." "We can not even enter the buildings and we do not even know how to recover the fuel." A worker who watched on television the conference commented: "I thought I could not understand Japanese. I do not think he speaks of the plant that I see every day. We still have years to be able to handle the situation ...

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@Atomfritz, food poisoning without the poisoned food identified. Common phenomenon, it seems, in Japan since spring, quietly swept under the rug every time.

@Viola, thanks for the link about workers. I was going to translate.

@shusse, when they blame workers, it's usually not the workers that caused the problem, but workers are made to take the blame. Wait till they blame everything that went wrong in the early days of the accident on the plant manager Yoshida, now he's out of the picture.

Anonymous said...

It was reported as norovirus here in Japan. Very common. My kid had it a few weeks ago. Knocks you on your back for 24 hours, then you are good to go.

Anonymous said...

At 2:15 they blur out the writing on a worker's back. Anyone suggest why?

Anonymous said...

Cold shutdown..SUCCESS!

They did successfully shut down any dissenting viewpoints, COLD. (99.999% Media blackout)

They did heartlessly and COLDLY prevent anyone from evacuating from highly contaminated zones of radiation. (US recommended 50km evacuation, Japan said NO)

They did shutdown any attempts at international monitoring by any interested nations, (maybe WHO) impartial and apart from the nuclear lobby and marketing arms, such as IAEA and NRC, etc.

The artificially and overnight COLDLY raised the amount of radiation ‘allowed’ in food, water, air, etc… without any review, scientific debates, etc. Also, little or no monitoring or testing of populations, (internal/external radiation exposure/reporting) food, air, water, in REAL ways that are transparent, and open to the public, done by neutral or civilian controlled parties.

So they are telling the truth about these parts. COLD SHUTDOWN like this takes quite a bit to accomplish.

Anonymous said...

And well said, 12:31.

Never would I have imagined Japan capable of such citizen-govt. relations.


Anonymous said...

Great video! All the workers we see....are going to die from all the exposure, in the areas they are working!

Also, ALL the equipment is radioactive; all the LAND is radioactive; all the air is incredibly radioactive and those masks and monkey suits don't protect for shit!

But, I bet they are all very happy!

Anonymous said...

Total chaos.

Anyone who has ever worked on building, industrial and recovery sites must know that everything is out of control.

Anonymous said...

BTW I have had radiation sickness from actually life-saving treatments for cancers; but there is nothing pleasant about controlled outer and inner doses of radiation.

The Japanes, and all people in the N Hemisphere, are now being subjected to the uncontrolled release of a myriad external and internal nuclides.

Anonymous said...

Cold shutdown? The only cold shutdown possible is for melted fuel to vitrify either sand in subsoil or concrete. I expected corium steady state a long time ago, but apparently the water treatment set things back. Whether corium has resulted yet underneath the reactors is a good question. But more important, what is the real state of the fuel rod pool in bldg. four? In fact, just how much of the total fuel in reactors and pools has melted at Daiichi?
The site had evidence of fission not that long ago. What is really going on there?
One thing is clear, with a plutonium MOX reactor building blown up spreading debris around the entire site, the only safe solution to the problem at Daiichi is to bury the entire site deep under a mountain of sand and leave the corium where it apparently now sits under the breached reactors.

Anonymous said...

so horribly tragic for Nipon and the entire world. More from the "Pack of Liars" that have commandered the planet. Here in California, as the glass balls arrive on our beaches, the news sources refer to the entire incident as the Tsunami, no thing mentioned about the nuclear holocaust at all! simply the tsunami! and the stupids here have already forgotten there is an entire tragedy in process! but they all know who won the football game yesterday. not entirely their fault as our govt has assured us that the radiation is actually not bad at all and might just be good for us! hooray! My sincere blessings and love to all suffering from this cataclysmic and very predictible accident. peace mk

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