Monday, December 12, 2011

Latest Decon Technology Out of Japan: Screwdriver

(No, not the cocktail, although it may be a good idea anyway.)

Soldiers of Japan's Self Defense Force are deployed to decontaminate the most contaminated areas within Fukushima Prefecture, cleaning up the municipal offices (quite tellingly). What's their weapon?

A minus screwdriver.

From Yomiuri Shinbun (12/12/2011):


Japan Ground Self Defense Force soldiers continue their decontamination work at Iitate-mura village office in Fukushima Prefecture.


About 300 soldiers wearing protective clothes and face masks were busy scraping the dirt in between the pavement stones using tools like minus screwdrivers and washing the asphalt surface in the village office compound using high-pressure washers.


The work, which started on December 7, is scheduled to last for about 2 weeks.


Atomfritz said...

What a wasting. Couldn't they have used cheap nails instead of damaging expensive military-quality screwdrivers?
On the other hand, it makes probably no difference in the trillion $ cost of the accident consequences.

By the way, the safety culture in Japan's nuclear plants apparently goes down more and more.
In the Tsuruga NPP just some "makeshift electric device" in the waste processing caught fire.
They seem unable to procure some proper device instead of a makeshift (!) improvisation?
This is third world level.

See NHK news here:

CaptD said...

More back breaking work that will result in slightly less radioactivity!

Face it Tokyo is now N☢ the place to be if you can afford to be someplace else! Land values have already started to drop...

Air filters tell the tale:



Cesium everywhere:

Anonymous said...


Just stop burning that crap and sending it to the U.S. and the rest of us unlucky innocent bystanders!!! And we did volunteer to help multiple times, but they turned us down. I believe even Australia enthusiastically offered up 500 hard laborers for nuke clean-up. No takers from Japan. Now let's see what they got and let's get it going, like yesterday!!!

Anonymous said...

And if you do burn it, use Brown's Gas flame, by all means. It takes the radioactivity out of radioactive substances. That's not supposed to be possible, but that was the assertion about many things in the past.

Anonymous said...

US citizens might have the right to complain about Fukushima fallout after US will stop using depleted uranium ammunitions when invading other countries.

mandeepveer said...

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Matthew said...

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