Tuesday, December 13, 2011

#Radiation in Japan: Toshiba to Sell Camera That Visualizes Hot Spot

Now that France's AREVA is in dire financial trouble, Toshiba may have one less competition in selling nuke plants all over the world. And when a nuke plant goes bust, like Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant did in a spectacular fashion, why it makes more money by first selling cesium towers (SARRY) which have so far delivered OK performance but not that great, then selling a desalination system (evaporative condensation apparatus) that keeps leaking water.

Now, Toshiba is set to make money in the "decon bubble" in wider communities outside the nuke plant by introducing a camera that can visualize radiation levels in different colors. According to the Asahi article below, it has been tested in the harshest environment - Fuku-I compound.

From Asahi Shinbun (12/14/2011):


Toshiba announced on December 13 that it has developed a camera that can show different radiation levels in different colors. The company says the camera will help identify so-called "hot spots" with localized high radiation and improve the effectiveness of decontamination work. The company plans to market the survey service using the camera to the Ministry of the Environment and local municipalities, starting next year.


The camera contains a sensor that measures radiation and a sensor that captures graphic images. By combining two signals from the two sensors and sending the signals to the computer screen, the system allows users to visualize radiation. The locations with high radiation levels will be displayed in red, making it easier to identify "hot spots" than the traditional display of radiation in digits.


The Toshiba-made camera with almost identical capabilities has been used inside the buildings at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant. The company has improved that camera by raising the sensitivity and reducing the size and weight by half, making it easier for local municipalities to use. Toshiba will conduct a joint experiment with Fukushima City before the year end, and commercialize the camera. If there's a demand from municipalities, the company will consider the sales of the camera itself.


Mauibrad said...

How much is it?

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Since Toshiba is planning to sell the measuring service not the camera itself in the beginning, the sky's the limit - it will be paid by the taxpayers' money.

Anonymous said...

Nuke is always paid by the taxpayers.

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