Friday, February 25, 2011

Battle of Tripoli Nears?

Now back in #Libya. Ottawa Citizen reports:

Defecting generals from Gadhafi’s eastern army units said Friday that they’d moved 1,000 troops toward Tripoli, as well as assigned a special unit to hunt down the Libyan leader. Reserve soldiers are also being called up either to defend cities or march on Tripoli.

“We are gathering the reserves and we plan to train them again,” said Gen. Suleiman Mahmoud, who, in 1969, took part in the miliary coup against King Idris that brought Gadhafi to power. Even though the government forces are better equipped, “we will fight them to the last,” he said.

“The people have weapons. They are joining militias. Here is where it counts,” the general said, slapping his chest above his heart.

Go Libyans!


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