Thursday, February 24, 2011

CNN's Ben Wedeman from Inside #Libya: Benghazi Celebrates

This is a still shot from CNN's Ben Wedeman's video report from #Benghazi on February 23, 2011. This is just awesome (for lack of more flamboyant word). Click on the photo to go to the Youtube video.

It's almost better that the West and the international organizations like UN have managed to stay out of Libya (not by design but by incompetence) while determined people in Libya take back one city after another, though with immense sacrifice.

I have no doubt that they will reclaim all of their country from Gaddafi and his dwindling but still very deadly followers.

CNN's Ben Wedeman tweeted that storeowners in Benghazi are refusing to take money from journalists, as they are just happy to have them there. Also, "Heard in Benghazi: "Ben Ali of #Tunisia fell on a Friday, Mubarak of #Egypt fell on a Friday, Qaddafi will fall this Friday."


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