Thursday, February 24, 2011

#Libya's Gaddafi's Fresh Attacks on Libyans

now that the so-called West has proven totally incompetent, only cares about speaking "in one voice" (whatever), practically giving Gaddafi a go-ahead.

This coward madman has even had the daughters of his former aide kidnapped, after their father defected and spoke against him on TV.

It's an all-out war, lopsided in firepower (heavily in favor of the madman and his family, thanks to the so-called "democratic" West) and in support (heavily against the madman and his family, at least in Libya).

From Al Jazeera Libya Blog for 2/24/2011:

3:24pm There are multiple reports of gun battles taking place between security forces and protesters in the town of Az Zawiyah, 50 km west of Tripoli, on Thursday. Reuters reports that gun fire has broken out there, while sources tell Al Jazeera that the army attacked the town this morning, firing shots at protesters for roughly four hours.

The death tolls vary greatly - from 16 to 100, and Reuters is unable to confirm any numbers. The agency reports that the army attacked the Souq Mosque where protesters had been camped out for several days:

The soldiers opened fire with automatic weapons and hit the mosque's minaret with fire from an anti-aircraft gun, he said. Some of the young men among the protesters, who were inside the mosque and in a nearby lot, had hunting rifles for protection.

The witness said that earlier in the day, a Gaddafi "envoy" had come to Az Zawiyah and told the protesters in the mosque to leave or "you will see a massacre". He also said, "Those who attacked us are not the mercenaries, they are the sons of our country".

1:23pm Several reported dead in the latest attack on Misurata, Reuters reports.

12:30pm Gaddafi's forces have reportedly kidnapped two daughters of the Libyan leader's former aide, Noura al-Masmari, after he spoke on Al Jazeera yesterday. They were allegedly forced to denouce their father on Libya's state TV. His lawyer told the AFP agency:

Two of Mr al-Masmari's daughters have just been abducted by men working for Mr Gaddafi - and forcibly taken to the television [station] to deny their father's statements. They are still in the hands of Muammar Gaddafi's men, which shows there's a will for reprisals.

11:30am Seven reported killed and 40 injured by "Gaddafi Brigade" in Az Zawiyah


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