Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gaddafi's Plane Loaded With Gold and US$ Ready to Depart for Zimbabwe?

From ABC News in Australia:

Leader 'preparing to flee' Libyan bloodshed

A political activist says Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi is readying to flee the country, as violent civil unrest continues and rebels continue to take power of towns close to the capital Tripoli.

..... London-based Libyan political activist, Guma el-Gamaty, has told the ABC's Lateline that "quite reliable sources" believe Mr Gaddafi is readying to flee his country.

"Gaddifi's own private plane is loaded with gold bullion and lots of hard currency, mainly dollars, and is preparing to flee to Zimbabwe to stay there with his friend Robert Mugabe," he said.

"We think this could happen very shortly because the Security Council is threatening to impose a no-fly zone and we think that Gaddafi will try to escape before this no-fly zone is imposed, possibly by tomorrow.

The article also mentions a few speculations on how Gaddafi would end - escape, suicide, arrest. Whichever it may be, Libyans, get your gold and money back.

Libya has (or had) 143.8 tonnes of gold reserves as of December 2010, the second largest in Africa (the largest being Algeria at 173.6 tonnes)

BTW, the Swiss government has announced that they will freeze Gaddafi's assets. So that must mean the assets have been safely moved out of Switzerland, just like the case of Mubarak.


Mr Fair said...

its true Gaddaffi is already here,we had a meeting,a very secret one last night 25/02/2011 me Mr fair,Mr Mugabe,Mr gaddafi discussing where to go if the uprising start in Zim.

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