Monday, February 21, 2011

More on Airstrikes in Tripoli and Foreign Mercenaries

From Al Jazeera Libya Blog (2/21/2011):

7:56pm: Al Jazeera Arabic is speaking to a political activist in Tripoli, who tells us there are airstrikes "all over Tripoli".

There is death, fear - and women are crying everywhere. The strikes are concentrated against areas that sent large number of protestors to the streets and there are cars full of foreign fighters firing on people.

He says at least 250 people were killed in the past 24 hours alone and is calling for international help. He tells us Tripoli is "under siege by foreign fighters" - that water and electricity have been cut and there is a shortage of food and medical supplies. "It is a genocide," he says.

Good luck with "international help".

And here's the "foreign fighters" that Libyans are calling "Africans" (which seems to mean dark-skinned foreigners). The photo is posted on Al Jazeera Libya Blog (link at the top of the post).


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