Tuesday, February 22, 2011

#Gaddafi Declares War on #Libya, Would Die As 'Martyr'

In a rambling speech that went on for an hour and a half, the Libya's strongman Muammar Gaddafi called Libyans who dare rise up against him as "sick people", blamed the "US tyranny" and he would die a martyr's death than leave.

Aside from an inconvenient fact that a "martyr" would need a noble cause to die for, I sincerely hope he gets his death wish fulfilled, as fast and as soon as possible.

The UN is holding a closed-door meeting of the Security Council. The UN Libya delegation had to beg for a meeting, as the 'unrest' in Libya, no matter how violent it was, was not considered an "international" matter.

Oh excuse me! Gaddafi importing French-speaking 'African' (i.e. dark-skinned and foreign) mercenaries to kill Libyans is not "international" enough for the UN? That Egyptians, Tunisians, Chinese, Koreans in Libya have been attacked and robbed and injured (possibly killed) is not "international" enough for the UN?

It's interesting to note, in passing, that Russia seems to be obliquely siding with Gaddafi (and other dictators). Here's Putin's deputy, accusing Google for the toppling of Hosni Mubarak. The same article (link) also mentions China's Hu Jintao calling for a stricter control of the Internet in China to head off popular dissent.

Dictators of the world are shaking in their boots...


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