Monday, February 21, 2011

Gaddafi's Son Hints at Reform, Including New National Anthem and Flag

To this Gen-X playboy partying with money looted from the country, the brand image is everything - new national anthem and new national flag for Libya.

From NYT:

The younger Mr. Qaddafi blamed Islamic radicals and Libyans in exile for the uprising. He offered a vague package of reforms in his televised speech, potentially including a new flag, national anthem and confederate structure. But his main theme was to threaten Libyans with the prospect of civil war over its oil resources that would break up the country, deprive residents of food and education, and even invite a Western takeover.

Come to think of it, his daddy has nothing but a brand image himself - styling himself as "Che Guevara" of Africa. He has actually enjoyed some cult status in the West- bad boy turned good, living in the tent in the desert - oh how romantic.

This stupid son's antics would be funny if it were not for this news: the Gaddafis ordered military jets and helicopters to bomb protesters in Tripoli and Benghazi. It looks like all but two followed orders. Bastards.

The so-called West calls for "restraint".

To bomb less?

(h/t/ abbiehoffman)


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