Thursday, February 24, 2011

UK's PM David Cameron Speaks Up on #Libya, Sort Of...

like...a bewildered boy asking Gaddafi "What'cha doing.....?"

He's killing people, haven't you noticed, David?

It's just too lame to comment further, but let me just point out that Cameron seems to speak from the same template that the so-called leaders of the West use, filled with words like "unacceptable", "must stop", "full range of options", "consequences" (without specifying those options and consequences, of course).

From Al Jazeera Libya Blog for 2/24/2011:

11:55am In a Q&A session with Al Jazeera and YouTube, British Prime Minister David Cameron threatens Libya with "consequences":

What Libyan authorities are doing is completely unacceptable - it must stop. I back what President Obama said about this - these actions must have consequences ... We should look at our full range of options.

All of our minds are focused on Libya. What we've seen is unacceptable. It must stop - and if it doesn't there will be consequences.

Question: If you could ask any world leader anything, what would it be?

My question would be to Colonel Gadaffi right now: What on earth are you doing? Your people deserve democracy, your people deserve better.


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