Friday, February 25, 2011

Titbits from #Libya This Morning - Gaddafi's Plans A-C, Diplomats Defect in India, Serbia Denies Involvement

The Gaddafis' plans, according to the jet-setting, partying son, are as follows... (Hope they get their wish.)

From Al Jazeera Libya Blog 2/25/2011:

12:20pm Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, one of the Libyan leader's sons, has reportedly told CNN-Turk that his family plans to live and die in Libya. The excerpt appeared online ahead of the full broadcast at 11GMT on Friday.

"Plan A is to live and die in Libya, Plan B is to live and die in Libya, Plan C is to live and die in Libya."

Meanwhile, the entire diplomatic corps of the Libyan Embassy in New Delhi, not just the ambassador, have defected, also according to the same Al Jazeera blog.

Serbia denies the involvement of Serbian mercenary pilots in bombing protesters in Benghazi and Tripoli. But it has been selling arms to Libya, which is now suspended.

Speaking of Serbia, the NATO may consider the no-fly zone, but says it takes time and a UN mandate to plan. The NATO has ships and air crafts in the Mediterranean that it could deploy for that purpose. They were very quick to bomb Belgrade for the so-called genocide in Kosovo, dousing the Belgrade residents with depleted uranium...


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