Tuesday, February 22, 2011

#Libya Updates from Al Jazeera Live Blog

[Emphasis is mine.]

12: 48am: Al Jazeera Arabic reports the Libyan warship that has been in Maltese waters for the past several hours arrived there after its crew refused to carry out orders to bomb Benghazi. A second Libyan ship has also reportedly been sighted in the area.

12:44am Libya's deputy UN ambassador says that Gaddafi's speech was code for his forces to start genocide against the Libyan people

12:40am Deputy Libyan ambassador emerges from UN discussions. This is significant, as the deputy has a radically different position to the pro-Gaddafi ambassador.

12:35am: A Libyan pilot - speaking from Switzerland - tells Al Jazeera he flew a plane load of mercenaries into Libya. He said he didn't realise what was happening at the time, but that the group were not speaking Arabic, but could hear them chanting verse. He urged his fellow pilots not to go to work and not to answer their phones. He said that, in the chaos of Tripoli, they would not be found. He said he was sure they and their families would be safe as the regime collapsed and lost power.


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