Sunday, December 11, 2011

Moment of Truth for the No.3 Official at the Ministry of the Environment: "No One Trusts the Radiation Measurement by the National Government"

41-year-old Satoshi Takayama is the No.3 official at the Ministry of the Environment below the Minister (Goshi Hosono) and the Vice Minister (Katsuhiko Yokomitsu, former TV/movie actor). In a rare moment of truth, in a press conference in Shizuoka, Takayama blurted out, "No one trusts the measurement by the national government".

The occasion in Shizuoka was to persuade the local municipalities in Shizuoka (there are 35 of them) to accept the disaster/radioactive debris from towns in Iwate Prefectures.

Let's see, will he be able to keep his job?

From Mainichi Shinbun (12/10/2011):


Radioactive materials: "No one trusts the measurement by the national government", says the Ministry of the Environment ranking official


Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of the Environment Satoshi Takayama held a press conference on December 10 in Shizuoka City [in Shizuoka Prefecture] and said about the radiation measurement of the debris from the March 11 earthquake/tsunami, "No one trusts the measurement by the national government. We are measuring, but we would like the local municipalities to measure it also."


Vice Governor of Shizuoka Shinichi Omura, who was with Takayama in the press conference, was visibly annoyed when Mainichi Shinbun asked him about the Secretary's remark after the press conference. "To say 'No one trusts the government's measurement' is to shake the very foundation of the safety standard."


The national government has been pressing the municipalities throughout Japan to accept the disaster debris if proven safe. [Shizuoka] Prefecture has already decided to conduct its own radiation survey when it accepts the debris to make sure it is safe.


On December 10 before the press conference, the Shizuoka prefectural government held a meeting with officials from the municipalities and explained the prefectural government's policy. Parliamentary Secretary Takayama was asked about the national government stance during the press conference.

Shaking the very foundation of the national safety standard, says the vice governor. Oh was there a foundation?

Quickly checking the vice governor's resume on the Shizuoka prefecture website, he is a career bureaucrat of the national government sent to local municipalities to assist the local government. He has been to Hokkaido, Gifu, Kitakyushu City, Shizuoka, and in between the assignment he comes back to the ministries in the national government for a few years and advances his career. The other vice governor of Shizuoka is a local bureaucrat who has worked in the prefectural government all his career.

This is the prefecture whose governor, Oxford grad Heita Kawakatsu, went crazy over the radioactive teas, accusing everyone of spreading "baseless rumors" about his teas.

On November 10, after Governor Kawakatsu expressed his strong desire to be one with the disaster-affected areas and to accept the debris, mayors of Shizuoka's 35 municipalities issued the declaration that said they would do their best to make the governor's desire come true.


Atomfritz said...

"...Governor Kawakatsu expressed his strong desire to be one with the disaster-affected areas and to accept the debris..."

Is this mentality?
This craving for death?
This desire to die together?
Mass suicide as culture?
Voluntary self depopulation?

Is this only the politicians' preaching or is this really the thinking of the majority that elected them?
Do even political outsiders like the japanese communists have this "strong desire to be one" with the other suffering?

Isn't this the same when some relative got AIDS and the other family members rush to inject his blood, infecting themselves "to be one" with him and his suffering?

I don't understand what is going on there.
Please excuse my stupidity.

Anonymous said...

This is no different from religious extremists dying for their cause. Wrongly or rightly does not matter. It is the only cause that matters to them.

In this case, the career bureaucrat is akin to the religion. There is no other alternative he can see as viable no matter what others tell him. It is a kind if mental programming that sticks, hence, can be explained as a mental illness. By western standards anyway.

It is the young that need the education as they can dispose the older "mentally dead" people and do the right thing, no matter how difficult it might be.

DD said...

Notice the cracks beginning to appear in the armour of the disinformation campaign; one more person with a conscience says what they think, and this so much more damaging to the campaign than anything coming from us outsiders.

Thanks so much, Satoshi Takayama. Now you can consider yourself brave and truthful. Blessings.

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