Monday, September 20, 2010

CNBC Sponsors Town Hall Meeting for Obama

Despite the recent unhappiness of Mr. Immelt, CEO of Government Electric aka General Electric toward the administration he serves as economic advisor, his media subsidiary CNBC dutifully set up a town hall meeting for President Obama this morning so that the Prez can promote himself as the epitome of the "American Dream".

Oh that's rich.

Obama Town Hall: Defending His Record on Economy, Jobs
(9/20/2010 CNBC)

"President Obama spoke Monday to a cross-section of Main Street, Wall Street and Washington gathered at a CNBC-sponsored town hall, with the economy at a crossroads and the nation's precarious political structure hanging in the balance.

"Sharing an hour with a largely friendly crowd that gave him hoots of approval and a standing ovation at the end of the "Investing in America" forum, Obama defended his administration's record toward business while simultaneously deriding his critics as being politically motivated and saying he would work "setting a better tone" in Washington.

""I know how frustrated people. I know in some cases how desperate people are," he said, later adding, "I am confident that if we stay on course that gets us back to old-fashioned values of hard work and responsiblity and looking out for one another, that America will thrive."

"The president spoke just as the National Bureau of Economic Research proclaimed an end to the recession. But Obama acknowledged that times are still tough.

""Obviously for the millions of people still out of work, people who have seen their home values decline, people struggling to pay their home bills every day, it's still very real for them," Obama said.

"The audience also includes college students and union leaders, small business owners and retirees.

"...."My life, I'm testimony to the American Dream. Everything I've been doing since I came into office is to make sure that American dream continues for future generations," Obama said. "The challenge now is I'm thinking about the next generation and there are a lot of people out there thinking about the next election."" [The article continues.]

A lot of people thinking about the next election? Like yourself, Mr. President?

He claims he's "testimony to the American Dream" which he wants to make sure continues for future generations. So the American Dream these days is to receive endless subsidies and preferred treatments from the government based on anything from race, ethnicity, gender, union membership, income level, what have you, to breeze through top Ivy-league schools without worrying about paying back student loans for decades, and not to work a single day in the real world.

OK, I'm all for it. Sounds good.

How are you going to pay for that, Mr. President? Out of your own multi-million dollar pocket?

The American Dream as I've understood is more like him - "Up by the bootstraps". I guess I'm too old-fashioned.


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