Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Obama Scolds Own Supporters for 'Apathy'

Blames anyone and everyone but himself.

Obama: Democratic voter apathy 'inexcusable' (9/28/2010 My Way News)

"WASHINGTON (AP) - Admonishing his own party, President Barack Obama says it would be "inexcusable" and "irresponsible" for unenthusiastic Democratic voters to sit out the midterm elections, warning that the consequences could be a squandered agenda for years.

""People need to shake off this lethargy. People need to buck up," Obama told Rolling Stone in an interview to be published Friday. The president told Democrats that making change happen is hard and "if people now want to take their ball and go home, that tells me folks weren't serious in the first place."" [Emphasis is mine. The article continues.]

Ding ding ding ding... What would you expect from college freshmen and sophomores (now juniors and seniors if they haven't dropped out)?

Oh I see, that's why Obama is speaking to a fresh batch of freshmen and sophomores in Wisconsin. (Sucker born every minute, as they say.)

(Are we paying for this partisan campaign event, by the way?)

Squandered agenda? Now, pray tell, what is it? Do you mean...

  • Perpetuation of TBTF (too big to fail) banks via the Dodd-Frank financial "reform" bill while more Americans are facing foreclosures;
  • Giving the Federal Reserve, a private entity, enormous power to create inflation (= loss of purchasing power of US dollar which hurts lower income people more than the "rich");
  • Obama administration in the pocket of Wall Street, big pharma, big oil;
  • Huge taxation for everyone (not just "rich") via the health care "reform" bill;
  • Expanded war in Afghanistan, continuing "war" in Iraq, secret war against Pakistan, destroying lives there and ruining many US soldiers physically and psychologically;
  • More jobs being shipped overseas, with active government help, depriving unskilled youth labor (predominantly blacks) opportunities to work.

So, true liberal and progressive voters who value human rights and justice, who support struggling working class families, who oppose wars, what are you going to do? Will you snap back into line and march with the establishment Democrats and vote for the "agenda" that seems, from what I understand, diametrically opposed to your core beliefs?


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