Saturday, June 25, 2011

#Fukushima I Nuke Accident: TEPCO Created Radiation Dispersion Simulation Maps on March 12

TEPCO faxed them to the government, Fukushima Prefecture, and two towns where Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant is located. The government and Fukushima Prefecture didn't bother to tell anyone else.

TEPCO's Tokyo headquarters did the simulation clearly using their own software, faxed the results back to the plant who then faxed those maps, along with the plant status data and radiation monitoring data (as much as they could get at that time) to:

  • The Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry;

  • Governor of Fukushima Prefecture;

  • Mayors of Ookuma-machi and Futaba-machi.

The simulation is in the 11,000 documents that the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, regulatory agency for the nuclear industry under the METI, suddenly decided to dump onto the public on June 24, after NHK somehow obtained part of the documents and made a news story out of it on June 22. (The news story linked is in Japanese. More later.)

TEPCO was assuming the release of noble gas (xenon, krypton, probably) and iodine. This map is one of the several that was sent out by fax, and the simulation date and time was March 11, 2011 at 11:50PM, assuming the release of radioactive materials from the exhaust tower for the Reactors 1 and 2. This map is on page 10 of the March 12 file that NISA dumped on June 24.

The release of radioactive materials was based on the assumptions as follows (handwritten note on page 6 of the March 12 file released by NISA):

Secondary [?] vent of the Reactor 2 Dry Well
"Severe Accident" with fuel damage
Capacity of Dry Well plus Suppression Chamber = 6930 cubic meters
Pressure dropping from 8 atmospheric pressure to 1 atmospheric pressure
Wind direction: north by northeast
Wind speed: 1.2 meter per second
Atmospheric stability: F [no idea what that means; "fair"?]
Amount of radiation and direction:

1 hour after the release: noble gas 26 mSv, SE 0.28 km
3 hours after the release: 50 mSv, S 4.29 km
5 hours after the release: 50 mSv, S 4.29 km

So, TEPCO assumed from the beginning that it was a "severe accident".

The simulation was for the body dose equivalent internal radiation for adults for the total of 18 locations, but it is hard to see on the map as it was faxed multiple times before it was scanned.

Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant faxed this map to the above recipients at 3:35AM JST, March 12, 2011.

At the bottom, it looks to me to be saying "amount of noble gas released: 6.01E+17 becquerels", or 6.01 x 10^17, or 601,000,000,000,000,000 becquerels or 601,000 terabequerels.

We know that the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the NISA sat on these maps, the Fukushima prefectural government sat on them, and TEPCO didn't release them as it was not in their capacity to release to the general public. The company released them to the affected municipalities, or at least 2 of them.

Okuma-machi and Futaba-machi acted on the data, and informed the residents to evacuate using the emergency broadcasting system. We weren't told back then that the towns had this information when they evacuated the residents.

If you recall, it was only in mid May that the government decided to release the early simulations by SPEEDI.

The NISA would probably have continued to sit on them if it were not for the NHK news story.

So, where's the outrage in Japan against their government? I see a lot of anger against TEPCO, but the evidence suggests that the anger should be directed far more to the government.


Anonymous said...

There is no outrage, The Japanese are lambs to the slaughter any other country people would be taking to the streets, but in Japan? no its dumb game shows on the dumb TV and everyone says radiation is a baseless rumour, as thats the prescribed line uttered nowadays... as for the Japanese government they need to be strung up.

Antony said...

I think it should be 601,000 TBq. Large.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@antony, so it should! thank you.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello SKF Man,

I teach at universities in Tokyo and am writing a paper on Censorship (hopefully won't be censored). Some juicy but not surprising info. Basically the government and media, largely controlled by corporate interests are covering this up. Japanese culture is a Sheep culture anyway, and so it is amazing to watch the cognitive dissonance at work. Some people are indeed aware and upset, but not enough. I teach "high level" science students at a famous university, they are not interested in Fukushima, rather discuss "global warming", "chocolate", "beer", "Lady Blah Blah" (says Japan is safe) and so on. Not always true, many are worried about the radiation and quite critical, but to get jobs they have to brainwash themselves to believe in the national religion of radiation dose per hour.

Remember: War is Peace

3D - HDTV = Triple Dumbing - High Deafening Talmud Vision

articles below:

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@anon at 7:20PM, I don't know. Extremely quiet. Maybe they are waiting until the TEPCO's annual shareholders' meeting is over. It's June 28.

@anon 10:47PM, war is peace, radiation is rumor, safety is religion. Interesting about your "science" students. Or rather, pseudo-science students.. Higher the national IQ, higher the belief in "global warming". Japan tops the list at over 85% believing, followed by Korea, China, Taiwan.

Anonymous said...

Good for the NHK and good for the whistleblower, whoever he was. Let's hope the docs shed some more light on this.

Alexander Backman said...

The Powers that Be such as G&E, Hitachi and the Illuminati-controlled Empire of Japan are just downplaying this as they did with the Gulf of Mexico incident when in fact they want this to escalate to murder and reduce population in Japan and wherever else they can. This is what this is all about. Political correctness? No, culling the population.

Anonymous said...

Wheres the outrage around the world??
This has poisoned everyone and this whole incident is just as quiet as can be. its been suppressed in America too and no one really cares.

Anonymous said...

now this connects with fukishima or is part of some planned us false flag event.
nasa never put out videos like this

Benjamin said...

How many Bq is the 1200 tons of Plutonium MOX fuel turned to dust in that March 14th explosion of Reactor 3? I think that's far more important than some MERE PALTRY 601,000 TERRA BEQUERALS of radiation from the small, relatively unimportant meltdown of three reactors.

Do you get it now?

Anonymous said...

We live in times of huge lies and deception that the average joe cant figure out, deep brainwashing and social engineering, we now have to rely on our own perception and research things for ourselves, the mass media is a joke..this fukushima fiasco proves that... its time to take the Red pill and go down the rabbit hole.

Anonymous said...

To memorise a book, is regarded as a something "inteligent". The more you are able to reproduce, the "clever" and "intelegent" you are.
IQ tests where originaly created for one purpose, to mesure the level of "corect" learnings and perseption(dimentions).
And thats it.

They are to day, what I cal Idiot Servantes.

They only know what the read, in every aspect. From socalled teck and scientific mags and/or book, must witsh are reproduced shitt from the same background(aka:global warming).
AGW or Climate change where a cuple of decades ago, during Thatchers days of power, launshed by the Nucklear ind. spockespersons and intressgrups(aka lobying) warying from Finnance and to socalled enviroment protecting grups or NGOs. A vast system of parasites interlocking into one and another, feeding the same goal, to crush everything that emites CO2.
They are the ones that drowe the colemines to the groud, based on the deseption of CO2 and the global warming cult
The nucklear ind. agendawas to promote "safer" and "enviromently frendly" energy provider.

And the rest is history, just open your eyes and see the lies right in front of us.

We where fooled.
And now we hawe to pay.

Anonymous said...

Who elected TEPCO to determine the fate of the Japanese people? Why are no TEPCO executives going to jail for lying to the Public? Why is TEPCO allowed to release deadly amounts of radiation into the air?

Why are the Japanese people ready to die just so TEPCO can keep their stock price from crashing?

Remember, all the kids will have DNA damage in the future. Their kids and kid's kids will have genetic damage, too! TEPCO will kill millions of people now and in the future....great job!

Anonymous said...

Why are the Japanese people ready to die just so TEPCO can keep their stock price from crashing?

Because they are like "The Borg". TEPCO is them, and they are TEPCO.

Anonymous said...

"Because they are like "The Borg". TEPCO is them, and they are TEPCO."

ok, that was funny! lol XD

Anonymous said...

It’s getting to be a long wait to the revolt of Japanese people : )

like bill clinton saying over and over i did not have sex with that lady.
like george bush jr saying iraq wmd and saddam was involved with 911.
like barry o saying i was born in the usa..
i will keep the american people informed about fukishima.
we are on a libyan humanitarian mission with depleted uranium missiles.
the lies the denials become a kind of reality if you say them enough.

the people of japan are in a zombified denial.
hey we are still alive a bit of a sore throat but what if..
maybe radiation is not that bad i mean nobody has died.
we must work,keep are heads down do not rock the a good proud citizen.
clip that rad counter on your child it is fun like a pokemon bleep bleep.
we are japan we are not russia we have technology on are side.
if we ignore the radiation maybe it will go away.
time to change wikipedia.
japan an island in asia that through it’s people’s blind faith in authority .
and it’s electrical company refusal to spend money to contain a problem resulted in the deaths of millions of people around the world.
do not hold your breath waiting for a revolt.
the only revolt you will get is localized food riots and theft.
by then,most of the world would have had many lethal dose’s of hot particulates.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone looking into digitizing all that data? It would be real helpful. Maybe some university or citizens' association?

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