Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Photographs of 60,000-Strong Anti-Nuke Demonstration in Tokyo: Japanese MSMs Called It "A Parade"

Looking at this aerial photographs taken by Mainichi Shinbun (one of the better ones in terms of even coverage on nuke issues in Japan; another is Tokyo Shinbun), it sure looks more than 60,000 to me. People who actually participated in the event seemed to have the same impression as mine (on this blog comment sections, and on twitter), that it was far bigger than official number by the police (30,000).

Mainichi quotes the organizers' number of 60,000 people, and also quotes the number by the police (30,000):

Meanwhile, photos from Germany's Spiegel and France's Le Monde, who used the photos from AP and other agencies. Spiegel puts the number at 60,000:

and Yomiuri, who says "more than 30,000 people gathered" (exactly the police official estimate):

Asahi, slightly better perspective but not much, but the article does quite the organizers' number, 60,000 people:

and the US paper Forbes, without photo, says "tens of thousands of people marched", but the article title declares "Thousands march against nuclear power in Tokyo". Thousands??

Many participants in Japan are indignant that their demonstration was called a "parade", as if this was some festival attraction. Well, give the media time to learn. To me, it's amazing that the MSMs like Yomiuri and Asahi covered the event at all, and even had photographs. Asahi and Mainichi sent in their own photographers for the event. (Yomiuri's looks like Jiji Tsushin's photo.) I would take it as a sign that the anti-nuke movement may be crossing the threshold in Japan in terms of the number of people, and the MSMs cannot simply ignore anymore.

Calling it a "parade" and using the lowest official estimate by the police as the number of participants is a classic way to belittle a movement.


Anonymous said...

How can I find out about these anti-nuke marches before they happen? I want to join the 30,001-60,001.

Anonymous said...

i don't get it.
smallpox at. el. was eradicated by a world wide effort. why do governments still support nukes? there must be something else going on ...

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@anon at 1:38PM, I'll ask around if there's a site that lists rallies in various parts of Japan (if that's where you are).

Anonymous said...

nukes are supported because of the huge return on investment its as simple as that.

canarybeat backagainnnn said...

some people say that when countries develop Nukes facilities for first time, like Brazil, they are welcomed to the global ellite.

Yes, it sounds like behind the nuke program they hide some kind of top secret manufacturing industry, could be the Gold making machine? or some type of space war type of weapons technology

all this is beyond public knowledge? but with their money and they get the short-long term benefits.

Welcome to the XXI century everything is possible

Anonymous said...

The Japanese People Should make Make All the"MSM" Journalists live In Fukushima !!

Anonymous said...

Can't resist this humor, here goes ..

The U.S. Navy ships that got dosed off the east coast of Japan after the quake/meltdowns, did we see ANY of the ships' personnel demonstrating afterward? Is it because they are "gutless pussies"??


And those American fellas workin' the drones in the reactor overflights. They've been gettin' elevated doses relative to stateside, more "gutless pussies"??


Keepin' it balanced, as they say.

Anonymous said...

Just when I was trying to be patient with Mainichi. They fear a worldwide panic. As well they should.

The Japanese government will not get out of this alive. No matter what they think.

They will all die with dishonor on their souls. They will leave no legacy at all.

Anonymous said...

people underestimate the toxicity of the new MOX fuel. also i don't see why Iran is all hectic to develop nuclear power. It is an enviromtal nightmare when things go wrong. the radiation contamination last such a long time.

Anonymous said...

You would think that the way the powers-that-be panic at the thought of panic, that truth is far deadlier than radioactivity.

And for them, maybe they're right.

Viola said...

Don't forget the initial means of nuclear power plants: they were crated to supply raw materials for nuke bombs! All those scientists who worked for the Nazi-Regime in Germany to develop A-bombs were very welcome in the USA...
Windscale, UK, accident was because the government wanted the plant to produce more plutonium.
Russia did a lot of uran-mining in the former GRD and built up nuclear power plants there to cover their need of plutonium.
USA, France, , Russia. China, UK, India, Israel, Pakistan, North-Korea; they all are known to have the A-bomb.
Several countries have at least been indicted working on it but did join the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons: Brazil, Argentinia, Egypt, Algeria, Australia and so on...

Anonymous said...

"Meanwhile, photos from Germany's Spiegel and France's Le Monde, who used the photos from AP and other agencies. Spiegel puts the number at 60,000:"

Seeking for word 'Tokyo' at Der Spiegel Intnl - NO results...

Last time anything Spiegel-newsworthy happened in Tokyo was this: "
Picture This: Shaping Up, SPIEGEL Online International - 06.09.2011 17:45:30 A woman snaps a photo of brightly colored goldfish..."

Anonymous said...

It's a German magazine after all. Try searching "Tokio" on the main site, a whole portfolio of Fuku-related news will come up. Top hit is an assessment of Tepco's past cover-ups that lead to today.

Anonymous said...

The Talmud Vision (TV) in Japan is heavily influenced by the nuke industry, they are good at ignoring and smearing their enemies: namely the people of Japan.

Anonymous said...

those photos show a huge turn-out.

I'd be willing to say closer toward, but not quite, 80,000 people there. I've seen those kind of sizes.

Great to see, but it's so way too late. This action, and even larger, should have happened, well, how far back do we really need to go?

But don't let me stop you.. please go for it, stop the nukes around the planet, now.

Anonymous said...

See my FB for an explanation of what's going on ...
Chelim Yrneh

Anonymous said...


Secret Weapons Program Inside Fukushima Nuclear Plant?
U.S.-Japan security treaty fatally delayed nuclear workers' fight against meltdown
by Yoichi Shimatsu

A different perspective on the issue...

Lena said...

I was there and my impression is it was the organizer´s own choce to call it a parade.

Anonymous said...

Der Spiegel has had a bunch of articles recently on how great and fun Japan is, including some on role-playing sexy girls.

And speaking of fun...they even had the cheek to tell us some commuters really enjoyed themselves being stuck during the typhoon. ("einige hatten sogar richtig Spaß dabei" )


I think that a few journalists got discount trips to Japan, perhaps courtesy of the Japanese government. All is well...

Der Spiegel was the single best mainstream source of information for about two months (I regularly check German, English, Spanish plus a few others). Then they pulled the plug.

Anonymous said...

PS I like how Le monde has to feature a pro-nuke comment right next to the demonstration pictures, just in case...("restons zen!")

All innocent, as a part of "parmi vos reactions" of course...

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Well, Der Spiegel lasted longer than many, along with UK's Daily Mail. First to drop out was the US media.

Anonymous said...

I havee never understood why people buy into those wretched pampleteers verbiage.

Anonymous said...


gee, I'm surprised the NSA 'allowed' you to post that link here, as it's an international website.

"A subsequent phone call when my colleague returned to Tokyo went dead when I mentioned "GE.” .. Such apparent eavesdropping is only possible if national phone carrier NTT is cooperating with the signals-intercepts program of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA).


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, here is another one from Spiegel.

It's about a young man who went for his year abroad in Japan. People who were concerned about him going there are portrayed as panicking and making tasteless jokes (hence the title of the article).

In contrast, it tells us that all is well in Fukushima ("We are almost living the way we did before the earthquake") and that Fukushima has wonderful nature and tasty food, which should be tempting for foreign students. There are outdoors sports again, one should just be careful not to stay outside for too long.

We also get nice pics of the Fukushima uni.

Hmmm...It's getting really brazen if you ask me.


Anonymous said...

die u useless eaters.
die u sheeple!
only us rothschilds have the right to decide who lives..
STOP RESISTING,u pathetic wasters of space,BEGONE-so it is written!

Anonymous said...

die u stupid troll, your brain already has.

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