Sunday, September 11, 2011

#Radioactive Yogurt in Miyagi Prefecture, 6.5 Bq/kg Radioactive Cesium

This has to be the first time ever that radioactive cesium has been detected from yogurt by the official (government) testing, though I could be wrong. has the information posted on the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website. The ministry has been conducting the sampling tests on food items currently sold in the marketplace, while the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries do the sampling tests on produce before they are sold in the market.

According to the table below from the Ministry of Health, the yogurt was sold in Niigata Prefecture, and tested by the lab in Niigata Prefecture. The yogurt contained 3.4 becquerels/kg of cesium-134, and 3.1 becquerels/kg of cesium-137. It was made in Kami-machi in Miyagi Prefecture, about 135 km from Fukushima I Nuke Plant. But the distance doesn't mean much, as the raw milk used to make yogurt could have come from anywhere and everywhere. (They do mix and match.)


Anonymous said...

Useful info. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

NHK: Nuclear experts discuss radiation in Fukushima:

An US epidemiologist, John Boice, said he does not think people's health will be affected by the Fukushima accident. He said Japan prevented contaminated food from being distributed, unlike what happened after the Chernobyl accident.

Boice said counseling and timely information are essential for those worried about radiation in food.

The participants discussed ways to provide information on radiation exposure. Some said the radiation levels following the Fukushima accident should have been made public as they were much lower than the levels deemed safe by scientists.

There was also a suggestion that comparative data with other risks such as traffic accidents should have been made available.


Makes you wonder what world these "experts" are living in. The Japanese term "kuuki yomenai" comes to mind; the tolerance of a great part of the population towards this is zero - not safe or unsafe. Just zero.

And don't give us this BS of car accidents. At least we can be careful when crossing the road, use traffic lights etc. if we really want to. We have to eat what's on sale in the supermarket, no choice.

Anonymous said...

Eisai and SF Pharma have a different take than Mr.John Boice ( at least for thyroid related problems. They probably have access to a different set of info.

Anonymous said...

"Japan prevented contaminated food from being distributed"...AhahahAHAH ah, really?

A higher limit of legal radioactive food distribution may be called prevention yes.

Or maybe random tests on samples of potential radioactive products is prevention, especially when the results come after the food has been sold and eaten, yes yes.

Ah wait, there are the tests on voluntary basis, an the withdrawal of radioactive products from markets on the same voluntary basis...this is definetly prevention.

Don't you feel safe now?
He is right, our health will not be affected by the Fukushima accident, but by the worse contamination agent in the world, which is ignorance, deception and the seek for profit at all costs.

kintaman said...

I left Japan, my life of over 15 years there, because of this disaster because I envisioned this would become the radioactive nightmare it has in terms of contamination spread. I was fortunate because I, unlike many Japanese, had the ability and a place to go but I am still to this day (every day) extremely traumatized by what has happened.

As if the disaster itself was not bad enough, the government's mishandling and deception over the fallout has made this matter worse on order of magnitude. I am so shaken by what has happened and it is even more upsetting when I see the people around me and even hear about the majority of people in Japan who simply go on about their daily life as though nothing has happened. People do not want to know or hear about it.

When will people stand up and take action in Japan against the criminal actions of their government and TEPCO? When the illnesses start to appear in alarming numbers will the people then take action or will they continue on like sheep and turn a blind eye to it? I fear that that is what will happen.

Also, with regard to "MADE IN JAPAN" much as I love my country (JAPAN) I refuse to buy ANYTHING from Japan ever again (even non-food products) as I do not trust if it is contaminated or not. I know that the Japanese government and companies do not care if they are contaminated because if they will lie to their on people you know they do not care about foreign nations.

I wonder, if people around the world stop buying Japanese products due to this will Japan try to sell products mislabeled with "MADE IN CHINA"? That would be a strange irony.

Anonymous said...


I thank you for your testimony, it must be painful to put it in words. Even though I am not Japanese, I share with you similar feelings and a trauma, which came to me after I realised it was/is all about deception, and also, I may say with your words, after I saw people simply going on about their daily life as though nothing has happened...

Good luck for your new life

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