Saturday, March 31, 2012

Germany's Das Erste: Fukushima Children Having Health Problems

Some strange translations here and there, but I think you get the idea. (I'll wait for the comments from German readers.)

German TVs tend to do the voice-over instead of captions, and the voice-over is too loud for me to hear what exactly the Japanese are saying. Sometimes their voice-over does not match what people are actually saying in Japanese.


Anonymous said...

I'm a reader from Germany!

The English subs are quite accurate to the German dub, I can't say anything about the translation from the original Japanese to German though!

Atomfritz said...

It's so sad that people become so scared of radioactivity that they incarcerate their children in houses that never get fresh air.
Good way to become sick sooner or later.

But, I know from experience, Chernobyl paranoia was rampant in Germany back in 1986, but paranoia subsided quite soon luckily.

My friends often looked worryingly at me when I drank a big glass of fresh milk because of the yummy 50 becquerels/liter of iodine warming up my thyroid.
And I liked the doomsday parties outside in the warm spring nights :)

By the way, original video can be viewed here in optimal quality (at least in Germany):

And German TV voice-over indeed sucks.
Too loud, bad, shortened and simplified translations. Teletext isn't better either.

Anonymous said...

@ Atomfritz,
It truly is a sad and scary situation for the people of Japan. Confusing information and action by the very people you are trusting to do what's best for the citizens is going to do nothing to allay anyone's concerns.
I did try to picture my German friends living in Berlin and Munich with small children, relaxing and having a glass of milk, if Chernobyl had been, oh, 20 kilometers away...
Not a chance, sorry.

Anonymous said...

@ Atomfritz Just reading your comments. Sounds like direct lift from some TEPCO press releases. Are you employed to "smooth over" the situation, ie. be a troll? Just re-read your comments--sad not to send children out to play (in contaminated environment!!) will make them sicker than any depression. While a depressed child is not what we want to have..thyoid cancer, leukemia, heart damage, is worse. You need to read the most recent Chernobyl information that is being released about long term effects of low-radiation, and high radiation. Is the IQ of a child important to you? Are your children out playing in the rain near Fukushima? Is your family living in Japan?

Anonymous said...

@Atomfritz What little you seem to know or care. YOU may not have had trouble..but my family has paid and paid for Chernobyl. Children with birth defects including death of newborns, immune system diseases,thyoid cancer, low IQ and limb/bone anomlies (one leg foot 1/2 the size of other), heart defects such as reversed heart in granchild.
I hope your family has not had anything similar-you did have your family near Chernobyl in the areas most affected by fallout in Germany..right? Your children have no issues/grandchilden as well..I hope so. Nothing is worse than the guilt of a parent looking at their child and KNOWING the cause was human error...a nuclear error. So drink that milk and feed it to your children. Again, you had little children and lived in Chernobyl fallout, right? Otherwise, you need to stop advising. Its close to manslaughter of innocent little ones...

renevers said...

German TV isd untrustworthy. The green movement is generating jobs for its members in state and subsidised industry living on green projects.
The "psycho" symptoms induced by radiation of these children are easily explained by the intentions and induction of the hyper concerned mother. This doctor is probably paid for , his interview to explain his alternative "critical" "wisdom" about Chernobyl and Fukoshima (which had different RA fall out). Anti nuclear is super corrupt and is costing society a lot of money and possible progress. The misinvestment in green power, will bring any state to bankruptcy in the NEAR future. Misinvestment in power generation is one of the contributing factors in the contemporary economic crisis.
Any child outside of the zone around Fukoshima would have been considered healthy, compare her with Colombian or Iranian Children.... Those who calls the state , the Liar are in fact the greater liars.

Anonymous said...

The governments of this world are mostly crap, scoundrels, murdering thieves. They are successful due to their criminal treatment of the people, which has left them stupid/uneducated/terrified zombies. God help us.


Anonymous said...

It seems that there has been a wave of garbage pro-nuke comments here, disguised with a veneer of concern and "good will".

Fortunately, there are many people on whom their crude crap will not work.

I hope your salaries are worth the blood of many who died and will die.

Anonymous said...

oh yes! of course cancer comes from hysterical mothers. just as much as immune system collapses under the crying of over protective mothers etc... in fact all issues that arise are based on the inability of women to reign in their emotions...

seriously, I have never heard such a lot of rubbish. my son did not get cancer because I was too worried to let him play outside. he did play outside, something which I would not allow anymore. our neighbour's child did not have cancer because the mother was over protective, she was only a baby when she got it. my best friend did not get cancer because his mother did not allow him to drink some fresh milk with a smile on her face.

renevers german tv often broadcast things that the pro nuke people would hate to hear ... middle finger up to those who try to blame mothers for the demise of their children whilst nuclear power reaps in huge profits and governments refuse to protect the most innocent and vulnerable ...

Atomfritz said...

Sorry for expressing in a cynical way that is easy to misunderstand.

Even in the anti-nuclear movement here in Berlin some people were so extreme in their nuke fear that in the scene they were called "Becquerellis".

It's just like the children which had no chance to develop a good immune system because of mothers too worried about bacteria and using disinfectants at home and not allowing children to play outside. This kind of immunodeficiency is dubbed the "Sagrotan Syndrome" here (from the name of the market leading disinfectant).

It's always difficult to weigh priorities, and everybody is different.
But, children should be allowed to be children as much as possible, imho.

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Anonymous said...

I'm really worried about all these innocent folk. I'd much rather see our country (Australia) taking in families as fast as possible to remove them from the silent killer that is fukushima than taking in these hordes of middle east country shoppers who claim refugee status but travel across how many countries to get to Australia, saying they have lost all their could they POSSIBLY have travelled that far without papers of any kind?
I think our govt and as many others as possible should step up before its too late for these young families and relocate as many of them out of the danger zone before we lose the kids in a most horrible way.

Anonymous said...

i can only say, germany is phasing out nuke energy and has already shut down 50% of its nukes, germany is a developed industrial state, and germany is not going to be bancrupt. japan is a developed industrial country, japan has 99% of its nukes offline, and japan does not go bancrupt either. so what does anyone (besides france) need nukes for ??? think about it. there are definitely other reasons than producing energy.

Tarun Kumar said...

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