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Moment of Truth from Goshi Hosono: "There Will Be No Baseless Rumor When Disaster Debris Spreads All Over Japan"

Minister of the Environment Goshi Hosono, aka radioactive tsunami/earthquake debris pusher, divulged his plan to eradicate "baseless rumors" aka radiation contamination. It's not appealing to WTO as his boss did, but as many have speculated already, his plan is to spread the debris and burning and burying all over Japan so that no one particular location is "rumored" to have radiation contamination.

I am fearful of a person like him, but I am equally fearful of the governor of Kyoto who was quite satisfied with Hosono's answer, as you can read in the NHK News article below.

From the NHK News already disappeared from the NHK website after less than a week but archived by this blog (3/9/2011):


Baseless rumors from the disaster debris will be dealt with "by the national government"


As the wide-area disposal of disaster debris from March 11, 2011 earthquake/tsunami is facing strong resistance outside the disaster affected areas, Minister of the Environment Hosono met with Governor Yamada of Kyoto, who is the head of the National Governors' Association. Hosono told the governor that the national government would be responsible for dealing with the "baseless rumors" as the result of accepting the debris, such as dropping sales of farm produce.


The March 9 meeting was held at the request of the National Council of Governors because there are many municipalities still hesitant to actually accept the debris due to the fear of radioactive materials, even though an increasing number of municipalities are considering accepting.


Governor Yamada of Kyoto, who is the head of the National Governors' Association, demanded that the national government be responsible for constantly monitoring the radioactive materials during the processing of the debris and for compensating for the loss in sales of farm produce because of the baseless rumors.


Minister Hosono replied, "To remove the fear, measurement of radioactive materials and information disclosure have to be done so that the residents can see for themselves."


As to the damage from the baseless rumors, Hosono said, "I believe if the debris is widely accepted all over Japan, we can overcome the baseless rumors. If there is a damage, the national government will be responsible for dealing with it", indicating the government will have a detailed response to counter the damage [or baseless rumors].


After the meeting, Governor Yamada said, "I got a forward-looking, positive response to the baseless rumors [from Minister Hosono]. I will tell the governors about what we talked about, and request them to take aggressive action [toward accepting the debris]."

As the readers of this blog have known from very early on, a baseless rumor since March 11, 2011 means anything that actually has radioactive materials of Fukushima I Nuke Plant origin. After one year of using the word, many producers in Japan, particularly those in Fukushima, don't seem to even know what it means any more. They use the word whenever the consumers don't choose products from certain regions (Fukushima, Miyagi, Iwate, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, Chiba, among others), and call it a "discrimination" (like Ms. Lauper).

If the debris is spread all over Japan and burned and buried all over Japan, there will be no ground for "baseless rumors" (aka radioactive materials) because everywhere will then be contaminated. This is exactly what people who are against the wide-area disposal of disaster debris have been saying, and now it is confirmed by Hosono. Some parts will be far less contaminated than others, but become contaminated nonetheless which could be totally avoided by not bringing in the debris and disposing it.

The nuclear power power plants were peddled in the similar way by the Japanese government all over Japan. Don't worry, the government will take care of it if an accident should happen. But don't worry the accident will never happen because a nuke plant is safe. Here, take some subsidy, just for considering a nuke plant in your town. And don't worry, we will build so many reactors all over Japan so that the risk is equally shared by everyone in Japan. After all, we don't call this a national policy for nothing.

We know how that has turned out.

Only this time, instead of 54 nuclear reactors, there will be 1600 incinerators. Instead of risk sharing (that an accident may or may not happen), there will be radioactive materials introduced in the areas that have been largely spared of radiation contamination.

But PM Noda has already said, "There will be no individual responsible for the accident." It will be the same for the aftermath of the accident.


Apolline said...

About Goshi Hosono, look at the video of tokyobrowntabby, where he stands in front of a mountain of debris on 28th january :

Anonymous said...

Sad to see the end of Japan. All of Japan will be radioactive and no one with half a brain will want to go there or raise a family there. What a way to go....

Morbid said...

It used to be that when gangrene set in any good doctor would sacrifice a limb. But these mindless "hacks" want to bet the entire country.

Anonymous said...

The majority in Japan seems to agree with this policy. I don't know any other country in the world where mind control is so well done as here in Japan. The infamous Japanese group mentality is nothing more than one of the strongest tools for ruthless leaders ( behind 'the curtain' ).

Sold as virtue, marketed as Japanese identity, but as fake as the smile of a toothpaste commercial.

Atomfritz said...

(Long rant, "politically correct" people please skip)

These kind of politicians seem to want to drive people into becoming communists.

Today's average "democratic" politicians of major parties seem to be the pettiest honorless scum of all criminal trades, par with child abusers, and this is not Japan-specific.

This infection of irresponsibility and corruption has spread almost world-wide, and is in the very interest of the richest of the richest in the world, who control mass media and politicians, and in the end, control laws as well.

In many countries of Europe it even has become illegal now to openly talk or even report about xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx, and for example, in America it has been forbidden to talk/report of xxx xxx xxxxxx xx xxxx (text posted xxxed for obvious reasons, thanks for understanding).

"Democratic" Politicians who don't feel responsible for what they do will be ready for ANY betrayal of their people if the bribe sum suits them.

Hope some sort of sincere alternative/green party with a truly democratic freedom spirit like that of the Founding Fathers establishes itself as new government soon, and reinstates a bit of ethics in politics and society.

(/rant end)

Anonymous said...

"These kind of politicians seem to want to drive people into becoming communists."

If this was the plan of the bourgeois filth, as far as I am concerned, they succeeded long ago.

Chibaguy said...

So they just showed Hosono on NHK in a brief clip that took place in Gunma today stating "if the baseless rumors are true the government will take responsibility.". I guess he just admitted what he was saying is pure BS. All they are tryin to do now is make sure consumers do not have to worry about where produce is from anymore. It all will be contaminated.

Right now Hokkaido milk and Kyushu vegetables are in huge demand in Chiba. It looks like the government will ensure this stops. So much for rebuilding Japan. My taxes will be next to leave.

Anonymous said...

Any lawyers out there:
On August 26, 2003, Japan signed the international treaty “Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management” in which they agreed to

(1) provide for effective protection of individuals, society and the environment, by applying at the national level suitable protective methods as approved by the regulatory body, in the framework of its national legislation which has due regard to internationally endorsed criteria and standards;

(2) aim to avoid imposing undue burdens on future generations.

Well, I don't imagine 8000 bq/kg of cesium is an international standard for landfill, nor do I believe blending waste to reduce the level would be up to international standards either. And of course, dumping waste all over Japan, when it is not necessary, is an undue burden on future generations.

I expect that Japan's legal system would require them to act in accordance with the international treaties they sign. I am wondering if some lawyer in Japan can stop them (or slow them down) based on this treaty.

By the way, they also agreed in the treaty to establish an independent regulatory body to enforce laws, make sure disposal facilities are licenses, and that proper reporting is done.

Anonymous said...

Goshi Hosono: "if the baseless rumors are true the government will take responsibility."

Seppuku would be a good start.

Chibaguy said...

@anon 2:18, the problem with the Japanese is they do not want to stuck out. If you go to a store and see how they relentlessly try to figure out where foods are from you would have a different perspective. Bear in mind those making these unscientific decisions locally are in their sixties and are male. The problem here is how do we organize such a demonstration that the government gets it. Japan was a country targeted for demise decades ago due to low birth rates. This will all exacerbate it. Sorry, most of this rant is not a response to you. Everyday I get on the train I see those Thayer are over 50 or those in their teens. Big problem here.

Ex skf, correct me if I am wrong but what I know is that this country was given its freedom especially after WWII for females and they never embraced it. They lost a war to be free. In hindsight, I wish the emperor had the power to dissolve this government but that is gone, I guess we are faced with a double edge sword. That is the public. How to mobilize the Japanese people to actually protest is a question I have no answer for.

Anonymous said...

This "baseless rumor" terminology reminds me of the "good" old G.W. Bush days: Whoever is not with us, is against us and who doesn't support "the troops" is unpatriotic. Takes care right away of anything and everything one did or could say in the future in criticism of the government's doing.

It's the same BS the world over. What more does it take for people here or there (wherever either location is) to see it?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering about Hosono's style of verbal delivery. To me it sounded quite staccato, almost military.

I don't know enough about Japan to know whether he is speaking as would any politician with an uphill struggle to convince the voters to do something they don't like. To me he sounds as if ordering, not persuading.

Whether I'm right or wrong might give us some insight into how the minister himself feels about this exercise.

I would appreciate being corrected if I'm wrong about this.


Anonymous said...

Translation: "There will be no baseless rumor when everyone's dead."

kintaman said...

This man is a traitor to his nation and the human race. Move him and his family to Fukushima Daiichi and force them to do manual clean up permanently. That is the only true justice.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@Chibaguy, people are protesting alright, packing the meetings. And it doesn't matter a bit to TPTB.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@anon at 4:15AM, ah, that's for the nuclear facilities like nuclear power plants. Once radioactive materials are outside the nuclear power plants, in Japanese government's mind, they are not governed by the treaty like that.

So, they think it's totally OK to burn disaster debris with over 100 Bq/kg of radioactive cesium (alone, as they haven't bothered testing other nuclides) in a garbage incinerator because it is outside the nuclear power plants.

doitujin said...

what taking of responsibility is he talking of? from the treatment of citizens and workers or testing of whatever(especially food...) so far, not much to be expected...

but still, how he said the baseless rumors will be gone... what did he really think people would interpret this like? sick mind.

Anonymous said...

Hosono sounds criminally insane to do this, I would like to knock him out.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it takes targetted killing to solve the problem of those who kill their own people.

Saving lives by assassination is a model that's highly respected among the worlds dignitories of the UN.

Some say they are only there to make up the numbers and collect their stipend.

Anonymous said...

How do the Japanese People keep from not wasting this guy? He is going to kill them! People of Japan....HE IS GOING TO KILL YOU!

Your families will die painful deaths of cancer and disease. This is proven science from Chernobyl, did you forget what happened there? It wasn't even as bad as your multi-core meltdowns! The Chernobyl Disaster looks like a flash fire compared to your on-going meltdowns and radiation contamination!

This politician is determined to bring death to your ENTIRE COUNTRY for generations! Wake up and do something!

You won't do anything? Well, then see you in the next life.....

Anonymous said...

News like this was what made me leave my lucrative job in Japan and leave for good.
Enough is enough, the national "pride" of sheep lined up for slaughter by their own government is simply too disgusting to tolerate any further.
They may force their sheeple to eat radioactive food but not me. Goodbye Japan.

Anonymous said...

Please don't forget why they are spreading radioactivity all over the country, by all means: By making people go to Fukushima, by making people eat Fukushima products (willingly or unwillingly) and by feeding all of Japan's incineration plants-

kintaman said...

It seems most people are accepting of this and the entire government is pushing for it. So are we the insane ones? It just does not make any sense. Japan with its long, deep and beautiful history is being flushed down the radioactive is beyond insane. Someone please make this stop, however possible.

Anonymous said...

All that is needed to manipulate the group mind is take the word representing a proper concern of the public (like conspiracy, or rumor) and then you glue another word to it in order to disempower the concern (like 'theorist', or like 'baseless') and then you make all the media repeat zillions of times the two words together so as to avoid anyone thinking of the concern without the disempowering addition. Clever ploy.
Result: Most sheeple will become incapable of hearing or thinking conspiracy without theory; or rumor without baseless. Very effective.

Anonymous said...

"This man is a traitor to his nation and the human race. Move him and his family to Fukushima Daiichi and force them to do manual clean up permanently. That is the only true justice."

Not only Hosono who, however repulsive, is just an individual symptom of a much deeper disease -- put the large majority of the Japanese ruling class, and its corporate and political elite in the same criminal category.

The US occupation is in part to blame for the disaster facing Japan today. After the war, the occupation rounded up the worst criminal elements from a Japanese elite which had already, callously and with malice aforethought, lead its country and much of Asia to disaster. The occupation not only protected these gangsters from the wrath of the ordinary Japanese people, but enabled them to restore their power in the post war years. Unfortunately this villainous ruling class have, in the post war period, once again reshaped Japanese society after their own decadent and corrupt image. Like a cancerous growth, they have successfully tricked the host body's immune system into believing that their metastasis is just a normal part of the body's function.

kintaman said...

@Anonymous 5:00 AM.

I agree with what you said 100% and I should then rephrase. Put the ENTIRE ruling class and their families on site at Fukushima Daiichi to do manual clean up. Fuck them all.

I was simply referring to Hosono as he is the focus of this post.

Anonymous said...

1. Stop buying Japanese products. That will force the people to overthrow the criminals.
2. Stop supporting nuke power.

All uranium miners should be financially responsible for any waste that doesnt naturally 100% dissipate inside 99 years.

If a uranium shipment comes through your nearby port, highway or on nearby rail, organize a protest and stop it. Ask if the miner (usually BHP, Cameco) supplied Japan. Ask how much they are cleaning up Japan? Once you hear the answer you will not want one cask of yellowcake moving anywhere inside your country.

Uranium psychopaths dont clean up their shit:

Anonymous said...

The true Japanese tradition is for the responsible party to step up & commit Hara-Kiri as ritual acceptance of responsibility. I used to think that was barbaric, but I now embrace the idea. It would be refreshing for the president of TEPCO & anyone else responsible, for example the accountants who cut back on redundant safety systems to step up & accept responsibility in the traditional & honorable Japanese way instead of embracing "Deniability".

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