Wednesday, May 16, 2012

#Radioactive Debris Kitakyushu City Update: They Will Accept and Burn Anyway Regardless of the Test Result

In the previous post, I wrote:

They will burn the debris for 24 hours before they measure the radioactivity of the ashes to see if it is below 330 bq/kg [of radioactive cesium], the city's own standard to bury the ashes.

A concerned citizen called the Environment Bureau of Kitakyushu City and spoke with one of the officials in charge, who told him:


Even if the radioactivity of the fly ashes exceeds 330 bq/kg, or the radioactivity of waste water after treatment exceeds the [city's?] safety standard of 10 bq/kg, that won't stop the full-scale incineration. The radioactivity measurement of the test burn is done just to study the effect on the environment.


The only possibility where the full-scale incineration won't be done would be if the extremely high radioactivity was measured, or the incinerators broke down, or there was a visible deterioration of the environment, he said. I am astonished at his incredible understanding. There is no intention to stop the test burn. He said the test result will be fully disclosed, so that the city is not accused of hiding the data.


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Darth3/11 said...

I wonder if "KitaKyushu", an amalgamation of other former towns/villages, lacks any local citizen movements to counter these fools, because they do not have a strong enough sense of cohesion based upon a sense of community to named place. Their place names were taken away. Their political structure was swept away and a larger, less personal one put in its place. Any thoughts on this, anyone?

I am just having a hard time believing that no one there is upset by this out-of-control burning of *very* likely radioactive (and other non-rad elements such as asbestos) with no controls...

Anonymous said...

Stupid is as stupid does.

By citing the 330 bq/kg limit and saying this is just a test, does the spokesperson of the Kitakyushu City Environment Bureau think he/she can fool the resident into thinking there's nothing to worry about?

Sounds like the spokesperson is not aware of the stupidity of his/her explanation. What kind of an idiot tests spilling a poison in his glass of water "just to test the effect on his body"? Radiation is something that once contaminated, it cannot be removed, the environment continues to be contaminated beyond the life span of the current residents.

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Why the H&%L have I been separating my trash all these years if these F%&k#$s believe it is OK to burn nuclear waste!

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"Tsunami Rubble Shipped Abroad for Profit? ( and other Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Ideas )"

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I'm totally embarrased to be a Kitakyushu native and furious at the city government's arrogance and stupidity. I have been writing to them, calling them almost every day. All I hear is ' it is safe, don't worry.' They claim those filters are 99.9% effective, while others warn filters can remove about 60 % of the radioactive materials. Some public schools will be holding outdoor events during incineration.

As I type, close to 10,000 citizens are marching to the municipal building. All I can do right now is keep calling the city from U.S. and spread the words to locals via FB and email.

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Anon at 11:38PM:

Please keep up the pressure. They need to understand that this behavior is repulsive.

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