Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's Friday, and Protest Is On, Rain or Shine, at PM Official Residence in Tokyo (7/20/2012)

Also at a host of other locations, I'm sure. Tokyo is raining.

Same place, same time:

  • Areas around PM Official Residence and government ministries in Kasumigaseki, Tokyo
  • 6PM to 8PM

Yasumi Iwakami's IWJ USTREAM channels:

Ch1—Yasumi Iwakami, in front of the National Diet Building
Ch3—21:30- Aerial video (if it's raining, from the car)
Ch4—at the Diet Press Club building
Ch5—at PM Official Residence, front line
Ch6—at "Family Area"
Ch7—around Ministry of Finance
Ch8—at Ministry of Economy, Annex [That's where NISA is.]

From the organizer (Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes)'s website,

- Please kindly refrain from carrying banners, flags, placards of particular political organizations or political themes that have nothing to do with anti nuclear or beyond nuclear theme.
- As it is crowded in the areas, if you are going to distribute flyers or collect signatures please do so after 8PM, after the protest is over.
- This protest in front of Prime Minister's Official Residence is a non-violent, direct action. Please understand that spirit, and participate accordingly.
- We ask you to please follow the instructions from the organizers.
- About speeches, please cooperate in the following manner:
1. Please limit your speech to 1 minute.
2. Please refrain from making a speech on a theme that has nothing to do with anti nuclear/beyond nuclear.
3. Please refrain from making a speech that will advertise a particular organization. Please make a speech as an individual.
4. Please note that if we, as organizers, think the speech doesn't fit in with our intention, we may ask you to stop.

1.一人あたり 「1分以内」 でお願いします。

As I posted before, one such speech that didn't fit in with the organizers' intention was a speech about radiation exposure for the young policemen who were sent to high radiation areas in Fukushima Prefecture with little protection.


Anonymous said...

alright!!! come on, the more protesters the better! thank you for the links to live cams....

John said...

What fascist organizers. They kind of make me hope that the Japanese government restarts all the nuclear reactors, purposely sets off underground explosions to trigger fault lines, and irradiate all of Japan with a lethal dose. These stupid organizers cannot conceptualize that there is an intricate web of relationships: militarism, banking, growth economy, etc. that are intricately linked with the nuclear issue. We need teach-ins. And the organizers so go to the teach-ins, listen attentively, and ask many questions so that they can understand how fascist they are. Disgusted.

Anonymous said...

Yep very Fascist, also note how the "protesters" say nothing about food contamination or burning of radioactive debris , this protest is a joke.... just restart all the reactors lets have another meltdown and maybe then people will really wake up... not this charade

Anonymous said...

John, turn off alex jones and never touch the radio again. Most people wont do anything about 1 of the problems you mention, you got to start somewhere about something. This is about something. Not everything wrong with the world.
The last thing needed is classes. This will only change anything if its from the heart of the people. PS:you forgot to mention the aliens

Anonymous said...

I forgot
These people are attempting to save their lives,
to protect there children.
Its not about the checkbook or the economy.
militarism you say
what nation is the only one to have a nuke bomb dropped on them
Ya think they need a "teach in" on militarism

get a grip dude

Anonymous said...

I have home, family and kids in Japan, which amounts to about everything for me if you take out dad and mom. I also go to demonstrations to protect my children future, and drive myself crazy trying to buy safe food for them.
Bringing a lot of people to the demonstrations is good, though I wonder why debris and food contamination are taboo: priority wise they might come even *before* the restarts but never mind, it is good to start from somewhere.
Militarism, well, I am not sure having been the victim of two nuclear bombs gives Japan goverment a special status: other bombings inside and outside Japan caused more deaths and now Tepco managed to sprinkle the country with an amount of Cesium that sums up to a very large multiple of Hiroshima and Nagasaki taken together. On top of that Japan holds a large stockpile of plutonium. I am convinced a large number of Japanese people do not want nuclear weapons; as to their government, I have a few doubts.

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