Sunday, July 29, 2012

Live Netcast: July 29 Surround the National Diet Building in Tokyo

Nico Nico Video netcast is here (no need for registration):

Some woman is speaking with rough words. Looks hot, looks like a lot of people. Now some group of women is about to sing some songs.

At Yasumi Iwakami's IWJ Channel on USTREAM, people are shouting with drums and whistles and horns:

Live Video streaming by Ustream


Anonymous said...

LOTS of ppl

Anonymous said...

Sonic here Ultraman,

Check this... you know the context well.

Just do as Max Kaiser suggest!

Janick in Tokyo said...

A splendid demonstration ! Extraordinary ambience, especially when we surrounded the Diet, with music, with the wild rythm of drums, flags dancing in the air, some people dancing, and all of us shouting loudly : Gempatsu Hantai! Saikado Hantai !(NO to nuclear plants! NO restart!)

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