Monday, September 24, 2012

Bloomberg News: Philippines, China Agree to Preserve Ties as They Repeat Claims

The Philippines' president says "back-door talks with China helped ease tensions". (Do you hear that, Mr. Ishihara and Mr. Noda?)

From Bloomberg News (9/24/2012):

Philippines, China Agree to Preserve Ties as They Repeat Claims

The Philippines and China agreed to prevent further worsening of their relations even as both reiterated claims on a disputed territory, the Southeast Asian nation’s Interior Secretary Mar Roxas said today.

“Irritants continue to be present,” Roxas told a televised briefing in Manila, adding Chinese ships remain in Scarborough Shoal, an area being claimed by both nations. Roxas met with Vice President Xi Jinping last week and he said the discussions ended with a mutual expression of sovereignty. Back- door talks with China helped ease tensions, President Benigno Aquino said on Sept. 21.

“I don’t expect much progress in the interim until that leadership change has been completed,” Roxas said, referring to China’s leadership transition.

China also says it is cooperating with South Korea to further pressure Japan on the territorial claims, according to Nikkei Shinbun (9/25/2012). According to the paper, the foreign ministers from China and Korea got together and talked in New York as they were in town for the UN General Assembly. They agreed to put pressure on Japan by let the whole wide world know the "correct history" at the UN meeting. Japan's Prime Minister Noda will address the assembly on September 26. The Korean foreign minister says his country will see what kind of speech PM Noda will make, and will respond accordingly in the Korea's speech on September 28.

Nikkei's article on September 14 says Noda will speak about "the rule of law" at the UN. His "law" is "international law", as if international law is fairer. (Sigh...)


Anonymous said...

Kind of ironic how China is the one being diplomatic while the famed paragons of democracy like the U.S. are running around pissing off as many countries as they can.

Can't say I care for any of them either way.

Anonymous said...

Sparse comments. Google probably flagged them all as spam. Or perhaps everyone's just sick and tired of all this stupidity. I know I am.

Territorial disputes are laaaaaaaame. Noda is full of shit. International law and the United Nations are a joke. Etcetra.

China just sounds like they're trying to get support from countries that don't like Japan, so they can look like they're in the right by popular opinion.

Sounds funny hearing countries trying to tell everyone else the "correct history"! Human history is a joke, filled with lies. People don't use history to learn from their mistakes, but they sure like to use it when it's convenient for them!

Anonymous said...

I was gonna comment earlier but im sick of it all., usual fucking nationalistic stupid fucking games with China and the Japs , had enough really just waiting for the next invasion of Iran seeing as the Jews cant get America to fight their wars anymore ....cheers

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've been expecting them to attack Iran for a few years now. Could still be any day now...

If only they would all just fuck off and blow themselves up. Leave the rest of us in peace.

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