Wednesday, December 19, 2012

#Radioactive Japan: "New Nuke Plants Possible in a Safe Location", Says LDP's Abe

Japan is trying its best to pretend that the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant accident has been a minor inconvenience that no amount of newly printed money cannot overcome.

After all, this is the country that has perfected the theater called "Kabuki", where a person dressed in black is on the stage assisting the actors but everyone in the audience is expected to see but pretend not to see.

From Tokyo Shinbun in the December 1, 2012 article (part):


Mr. Abe emphasized that he would do his utmost best to introduce renewable energy sources for 3 years if his party returned to power. But he also pointed out that "moving away from dependence on nuclear energy through innovation may not make rapid progress", and said, "As a matter of course, we should study if it makes sense to use the state-of-the-art technology to build (a new nuclear power plant) in a very safe location."


As to the restart of the existing nuclear power plants, he said "It should be decided by the government made of politicians elected by the citizens."

Well, Mr. Abe, less than 25% of the eligible citizens voted for your party candidates in the Small District Election, and only about 16% voted for your party in the Proportional Representation Election. You do not have a mandate.

As to your very safe location for a new nuke plant, where?

Even if there is a safe place somewhere in the earthquake and tsunami-prone mountainous archipelago whacked by seasonal typhoons, Japan continues to have three gravest threats to nuclear safety: politicians, bureaucrats, and electric power companies.

Toshiba, Hitachi and Mitsubishi may be able to sell their systems in foreign countries, but the Japanese in Japan are uniquely incapable of handling this technology.

But that doesn't even occur to the third-generation politician who is the head of the triumphant LDP.

In the meantime, Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant is fast running out of workers willing to work for as little as 140,000 yen (US$1,660) a month with no benefits.

Look over there, say "beyond (anti, or graduating from, whatever) nuclear" politicians and activists, pointing to the sky on the horizon. That's the future we will go. No, look this way, say pro-nuclear politicians and activists (yes there are such people), pointing to a different part of the sky on the horizon. That's the future we will go. People, caught in the middle, move about here and there, but eventually herded into some directions, all looking up at the sky for bright future. They are unaware that they've been stepping on piles of shit.

My only hope is the fact that Mr. Taro Yamamoto got more than 70,000 votes in a district in Tokyo; he pointed to the piles of shit and told people, look, we have to do something about these first, it's all over the place.

Clearly that's too much detail for most people.


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Anonymous said...

1 ounce scotch, 1/2 ounce vermouth, dash of bitters. Shake well in ice. Strain. Add maraschino cherry.

On second thought, double the above (except the cherry)

F&#k Abe.

JAnonymous said...

Just got two ideas for new safe nuke plant location. Only problem is, both need submarine connection to the power grid. Doable, I think M. Son wanted to link with Korea anyway.

1/ Ogasawara island. A bit far, a bit on the typhooney side too. But might be a bit further from the pacific rim.

2/ SENKAKU ! Monitored 24/7 by both Japanese and Chinese armies. Safest place around. Might even split construction cost between those two. Ishihara could bring funding from tokyo residents too.

Anonymous said...

The word safe lost its meaning a long time ago. I think it's current definition is something along the lines of, "generates the least public outcry".

Anonymous said...

The Sun is the only truly safe place for nuclear reaction to occur. So is this finally an admission that all the reactors this jerk wants to restart are in unsafe locations? When the protests start people should throw curry and pork cutlets at this asshat until he's buried over his head.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this seems to be an admission that exisiting nuke plants are built on unsafe ground. Wow, it took a major disaster for the elite brainiacs to realize this reality, abeit just barely, while the dumb common folk(those without scientific(hah) training) knew from the get go that you don't built a nuke plant on the coast of a very active subduction zone called the "ring of fire". Fucking greedy morons, all of them, from the yakuza to the geologists--fuck you, you garbage.

Atomfritz said...

The changed Constitution indeed creates many new options and perspectives.

Unemployed, old, ugly or otherwise useless people, undesirable immigrants, communists, hooligans and other criminals finally can achieve safe lifetime jobs and regain hope.

Idyllic surroundings.
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Friendly and competent medical treatment by graduates of Mengele University.
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Anonymous said...

Given the choice between taking a possible but unlikely risk to gain riches, or not taking a risk at all... humans tend to choose the former.

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