Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Senkaku Islands Row: Chinese Frigate Locked Weapon-Targeting Radar on Japanese SDF Navy Ship

Ishihara Senior and Junior must be thrilled.

From The Telegraph quoting AFP (2/6/2013; emphasis is mine):

China frigate locked radar on Japan navy

A Chinese military frigate locked its weapon-targeting radar on a Japanese navy vessel on at least one occasion, Japan's defence minister has claimed, as the bitter territorial row threatened to escalate.

Itsunori Onodera claimed that on January 30, "something like fire-control radar" was directed at a Japanese Self-Defence Maritime escort ship in the East China Sea.

Mr Onodera said a Japanese military helicopter was also locked with a similar radar a few days earlier.

"Directing such radar is very abnormal," he said. "We recognise it would create a very dangerous situation if a single misstep occurred.

"We will seek the Chinese side's self-restraint from taking such dangerous action."

The move is an apparent ramping up of an already tense situation in the East China Sea, where Asia's two largest economies are at loggerheads over the sovereignty of an uninhabited island chain.

(Full article at the link)

It is as if someone is pulling a gun right at your face. So what is the reaction in Japan?

Mainichi Shinbun (2/5/2013) says that the Chinese government may be "frustrated" with Japan's Abe administration, but tries to lay the blame later only on the military who did it without the approval from the Chinese political leadership.

Asahi Shinbun (puts out a more realistic assessment, quoting military experts. A Defense Ministry official is quoted as saying "It's as if someone is aiming a gun right at you". Another expert says it is a provocation by the Chinese, who fully know that Japan's SDF could not do anything. The Self Defense Force is not allowed to retaliate unless it is attacked first. For now.

And as usual, many on Twitter firmly believe it has something to do with the imperial interest of the United States somehow. They don't know (or say) exactly what the interest is, but as usual concludes anything bad that happens to Japan is because of the US.

How about blaming the Ishiharas, for a change? Or the Abe administration? No, the ascent of Ishihara, Abe is considered by many on the net as having something to do with the imperial interest of the United States.


Stock said...

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Palisades is from 1971, thats too old. And the operators, Entergy, have a history of abusive operation of these clunkers. They can't make enough money, so they cut corners. Here are some photos and violations reports.


wren said...

I've had this conversation with my Japanese wife. It is frustrating to me. The Ishiharas are being controlled by the Heritage Foundation (!) while Abe is just a puppet of the CIA. All so that the global elite can suck the blood out of the hardworking Japanese.

She's got it all figured out, but I sure don't.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

wren, for one reason or another, the Japanese have this strange need to always be the "victim" of something, somebody else. Justified or not is not the issue to them.

wren said...

Yes, I am noticing this primavera. Thank you. Sadly though, the Japanese people ARE victims, although I would argue of their own politicians and bureaucrats.

THe radiation is certainly there, but the exploding debt it more troublesome, to me, at least.

Maybe of these threats, having Chinese provoking them is the most comforting.

wren said...

What is your take on Iyama's blog, if you don't mind me asking?

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

wren, have a link?

wren said...

No, I don't. It is the Iyama who writes a lot about Korea, and seems to be saying that Japan is not really Japanese anymore. Amongst other things. I think he also had a cheap and effective way of dealing with radiation (rice bacteria culture or something). If that was him. Apparently the blog was just taken down under mysterious circumstances, or something.

wren said...

Never mind, his site seems to still be up, so I am not sure what she was talking about.


Anonymous said...

Would the SDF vessels be allowed to "retaliate" by pointing their own radars...? -- wise or not that it might be.

Anonymous said...

Asia-Pacific, the Next Battleground?
Erick San Juan

If this happen, people will be repeating history that has caused millions of lives in the past. We are talking here of the centenary of the First World War and in the same period a hundred years ago when the brewing regional conflict has started and dragged the rest of the world into a world war and after which laid the foundations for the Second World War.

At present there are several flashpoints that can trigger a conflict in this region and like before, two superpowers are involved here that has established their ‘clout’ either economically or militarily (or both). Virtual alliances are formed and if ever a conflict will start, such alliances will surface and then another war begins.

Anonymous said...

This is nothing new during the cold war the US and the USSR along with their puppet states constantly probed each other defenses. Target locks and tracking were standard operating procedure so were accidental shoot downs on both sided none of it led to war.

Aircraft attacks common in Cold War:


Intrusions, Overflights, Shootdowns and Defections During the Cold War and Thereafter:


Doesn't anybody remember back in 2001 when a US E-3 surveillance plane collided with a PRC military aircraft killing the Chinese pilot? China held the US crew and impounded the plane but it didn't start a war it barely even effected trade.


How about the shoot down of KAL flight 007


Or Iran Air Flight 655


Or The attack on the USS Stark


This is just "bread and circuses for the masses" on both sides.

Anonymous said...

Panem et circenses that would be

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