Monday, April 29, 2013

April 28 Is Restoration of Sovereignty Day in Japan, and PM Abe Has a Special Message to Okinawans

During the ceremony in Tokyo with the Emperor and Empress on April 28, 2013, Prime Minister Abe said, according to TBS News,


沖縄が経てきた辛苦 Hardships endured by Okinawa

ただ深く思いを寄せる simply deeply sympathize

努力をなすべき should try to, make effort to

訴えようと思う I think I will appeal

I think I will appeal to people that an effort should be made to simply and deeply sympathize with hardships endured by Okinawa.

Got that?

TBS News also captured the awkward moment when "three banzai" for the Emperor occurred, supposedly spontaneously, as the Emperor and Empress were leaving the stage. Totally out of proper protocol, to say the least. The Emperor and Empress look very awkward and almost embarrassed. (At about 1 minute into the news):

Emperor did not utter a word during the ceremony.

Under the current draft constitution by Liberal Democratic Party, the Emperor would be expected to attend events at municipalities, not just on the national level.


NY UltraBuddha said...

All this "spontaneous" ultra-nationalism in Japan is getting creepier and creepier. These politicians are really embarrassing themselves and it's sad they are so inwardly focussed they don't even realize it.

Anonymous said...

It's to big to fuck up, now you're all gobsmacked with a stupid look on your faces with the plan being "look like we have a plan"<true story. Allthewhile the hole gets deeper. Keep ohi running in such a place, start up some others, onward and upward, have some more of your country made unlivable, I mean your country's huge right? You can afford to lose some land say for a lowball figure of 1000 years, you can afford the financial cost your debt to declining national income is only something like 2500%. Your genetics are strong and can recover and repair themselves from nuclear scrambling/deletion and reproductive failure and your offspring can repair themselves when born abnormal mentally and physically/sarc. You kill the fetus if it's physically incorrect, correct. Ahh the superficiality of it, because it's well known the most complicated structure of a human is the brain, can you "see" abnormalities in a fetal brain should the fetus exhibit correct physicality? They will have to be born to "see" if they are mentally correct, what will you do then to a mentally challenged baby or toddler already begun their journey through life? Will you end it to keep up the fucking charade? I THINK YOU WILL! Your behavior thus far allows for some quite succinct clarity. You fucking animals, you're killing yourselves AND everyone else, 30% hypothyroidism in babies u.s west coast, japan/usa inhaling hot particles etc, that sick fucking experiment at that farm close to fukushima... That's you, that's us, and it's being lied about, numbers fudged and it's being justified...fuck.

Anonymous said...

Video=heil hitler... It's coming. I think the killing's coming, let's see if I'm right.

VyseLegendaire said...

Helluva job, Abe.

Anonymous said...

There has been a rise in Hashimoto Disease worldwide: hypothyroidism.

Anonymous said...

10:06PM, Finny troll a.k.a IntelAgent, now that you can write without using net lingo try breaking up your thoughts into paragraphs so people that actually read your rants can get some eye strain relief from your big blob of text.

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