Tuesday, April 9, 2013

(OT) North Korea May Launch Missile Any Day Now But The Situation Cannot Be Serious.....(UPDATED)

(UPDATE) The Obama family is partying, so it cannot be a serious threat...


(UPDATE about the missile, not the ambassador) Asahi reports that there may be more than one missile launch planned. In addition to Musudan (range 3,000 to 4,000 kilometers), they have Scud (700 km), and Rodong (900-1,300km) (missile range from wiki, "Active Missiles in North Korea").


... when the US ambassador to Korea, Sung Kim, can go on vacation with his daughters and post a long post on his blog, asking readers to tell him about their favorite vacation spots...

As the tension rose, he wrote, he had to take calls from the US government officials, South Korean officials, and the US military in South Korea, during the vacation. So he took some of them at a stairwell of Busan Aquarium on his Blackberry, and he lamented:

"...what I hoped would be a 10-minute conference call. Unfortunately, the call lasted 40 minutes"

From Weekly Standard (4/8/2013):

U.S. Ambassador to SKorea Blogs About Vacation Amid Tension with NKorea

As tension rises between North Korea and America, the U.S. ambassador to South Korea, Sung Kim, went on a family vacation. The ambassador today shared his experience in a lengthy blog post.

"My daughters recently had off from school for spring break, and I planned to take a week off for a nice family vacation.  But as is often the case here on the Peninsula, my break was interrupted by important developments and urgent issues, so my week off turned into just one day," writes Kim.

"But finally, we decided to take a three-day weekend and drive down to Korea’s second largest city, Busan.  On the way, we stopped in Jinhae to see the cherry blossoms.  I was told that the official opening date for Jinhae’s famous Cherry Blossom Festival was actually this past Monday (April 1), so we were very excited to get a sneak preview.  The blossoms were stunning.  If you have never been down, I suggest you go.  It is like driving through a tunnel completely made of cherry blossoms."

Kim includes pictures of what appears to be his daughters, and writes, "So the vacation started just fine.  The girls didn’t complain about the long car ride, and Jinhae was great.  And we arrived in Busan ready for fun sightseeing and good food. The first night in Busan, we ate very fresh hwe, or raw fish, at a famous local restaurant.  My daughters would not let me eat anything that was still moving, but everything we did have was delicious."

But work got in the way of all the fun. "However, starting early that Saturday morning, as new threats started coming from North Korea, I got busy with work.  I had many calls and emails with Washington policymakers, senior South Korean officials, and U.S. Forces Korea.  My BlackBerry was very busy," he writes.

"Several of these calls happened when we were at Busan Aquarium.  Since it was a beautiful weekend morning, the aquarium was packed with happy (and loud) visitors, and it was very difficult to find a quiet place to talk.  At one point, I had to send my daughters to the aquarium gift shop and then find a somewhat secluded stairwell to take part in what I hoped would be a 10-minute conference call. Unfortunately, the call lasted 40 minutes."

He goes on to include pictures from the aquarium, of the food he ate, and of the family members who joined him.

He ends by asking readers to share with him their "favorite vaction spots."

"What are your favorite vacation spots in Korea?," writes Kim. "Please let me know in the comments, and I will be sure to read them."

The Abe administration in Japan has deployed Patriot Missles to protect Tokyo.


Atomfritz said...

The irony is really enjoyable :)

Busan was the very last spot of South Korea that the UN/US was able to keep in a frantic effort to save face, almost having been kicked from mainland Asia.


Anonymous said...

If he is not all that worried then maybe it tells us something. Maybe the whole thing is just hot air talk. You never really know what these devils in politics are up to.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

It can't be serious, when the ambassador can openly write about how he took the call in a stairwell at an aquarium, and his boss and his family sing along with Justin Timberlake in their weekly partying at the White House...


Anonymous said...

Either NK boy-king complains about being teased into action by the US or is ignored, like what is happening now as there is no further trash talk about NK at the present.

Hopefully any rocket launches are shot out of the sky before we find out where they are headed.

One Trident sub has more fire power than all of India's nuke arsenal, enough to probably cause a mini ice-age.

NK probably needs some wheat to feed its starving army and this is a way of bartering for it to get and have both nukes and wheat.

VyseLegendaire said...

You made the mistake of believing the US administration cares about us.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's partying because it's what he wanted.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

I wouldn't count on hungry soldiers. Japanese soldiers during the WWII were hungry, and an enemy town in front of them was like a promised reward.

Anonymous said...

NK fat twit of a gas bag. If any of his threats were real he knows he'd be bombed into the stone age. He might be able to do a little damage but NK would look like the moon after everyone was finished with him and it. Of course, the average person would pay for all this while the NK porky gas bag would be shivering in his shelter. Just improbable and only a temper tantrum.

Anonymous said...

I can't for the life of me understand why N. Korea gets airplay.

The last time they shot off a missile it was a dud.

All the news media says they will launch a test at any time - well duh, if it's a test, then what's the big deal?

I'm sure that Kim Jung hasn't got as many missiles as every one of the
"western" countries. I'm sure the US has tested a missile in the past few days - and they didn't notify the world.

I'm sure some other countries have tested weapons and it didn't make international headlines.

Definitely some agenda at play here.

Who's creating all this trumped up NK missile news? Does North Korea possess some resource that the rest of the world wants? What's really going on here?

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