Thursday, June 20, 2013

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant RO Leak: All-Beta 26,000 Bq/cm3

From TEPCO's latest email update for the press (6/21/2013):

Cesium 134 :5.7×10^-1[Bq/cm3]
Cesium 137 :1.7×10^0 [Bq/cm3]
Cobalt 60 :1.4×10^-1[Bq/cm3]
Antimony 125:1.5×10^1 [Bq/cm3]
All-Beta:2.6×10^4 [Bq/cm3]

In the previous update, TEPCO said the leak was about 360 liters.


netudiant said...

The sum of the 4 species listed is minimal,less than 20 Bq/cm**3.
What accounts for the other 25,980 Bq/cm**3?

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