Monday, September 9, 2013

(OT) "Coalition of the Willing" to Attack Syria for Whatever Reason that Obama Administration Comes Up With Has Expanded to 25

(UPDATE) The latest and hilarious development over Syria in the new post.


Nations who signed the joint agreement with the US at G20:

the U.K. (even though the Parliament voted No)
Saudi Arabia
South Korea

As of 9/9/2013, according to Washington Times):

United Arab Emirates

Total 25 mighty nations of the world.

As the Obama administration sends out top officials (including this one of Benghazi fame) to TV networks to prep the general public for the big speech by Mr. Obama himself on Tuesday, Russia has proposed the initiative for chemical weapon disarmament for Syria, and Syria has welcomed the proposal. The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is now calling for the destruction of Syria's chemical weapons in internationally supervised safe zones.


Anonymous said...

It will increased. Unlike Irak 2nd war, this attack is necessary. Unlike US support for 2nd Irak war, was alone,now US is not the only country leading for a strong response against what Syria did. All western countries will have enough proof. Only Russia and China, and only for political purpose, will be against this attack.

Wondering why Russia is not looking for who set up the attack?
Wondering why Russia is asking Syria to put its chemical weapons away?
Wondering why Russia is not threatening to reply?
The reason is obvious, Russia knows Syrian regime did this terrible attack.

Anonymous said...

FYI, Iraq is spelled with a *q*.
And the governments of 2/3 the world's population have issued proclamations adamantly denouncing a US attack.

Maju said...

"Total 25 mighty nations of the world".

Wait, it still lacks the mightiest of all: San Marino!

Most of those puppet states are going to do nothing other than logistic support, as they always do. With Britain by the moment out because of parliamentary veto, it's just USA and France.

By the way, Israel is also in since day one, just that they try to keep a low profile for legitimacy reasons of their Islamist allies - but the stand of the Zionist Lobby speaks volumes.

Notice how Germany remains absent from any list. They were also reluctant in Libya.

"Wondering why Russia is not threatening to reply?"

That would be nuclear war. A simple strike against Syria is not worth it. Russia is not anymore the superpower it was, although it still keeps its military might.

A reason is probably because they KNOW that there will be no attack. Russia has moved many troops to the area since the crisis began and even China has sent symbolically a ship. They are watching and posturing silently, as they usually do.

"The reason is obvious, Russia knows Syrian regime did this terrible attack".

LOL. We all KNOW that the attack was a farce and most of the videos were filmed in Qatar, look at those Hollywoodian zombies, please, look at the nurses not using gas masks as they should, did you see the one (now delete by YouTube) where a nurse was drugging the kids (kidnapped by the Islamists in the North of Syria) while a man talked of how good it would look on TV?! Did you read the hacked Pentagon emails where they talk about how the kids were unharmed (other than kidnapped and drugged and who knows what else), much to the polite alleviation of Mary Shappiro? Have you read the testimonies of kidnapped journalists (at least two that I know of) who overhead conversations on the matter among Islamist terrorists, in which they acknowledged the authority and laughed at Western exaggerations?

Not just Russia, but the USA also knows perfectly it is a farce.

And whatever the case, that's not the kind of reason why wars happen. Otherwise Israel would have been bombed many times now, and nope.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 4:01 PM <- ha ha ha, your post is a good laugh

Now I gotta get back on my sleigh and deliver presents to all the good kids before daybreak.

Anonymous said...

Japan signed an agreement to attack Syria without a UN mandate? That would surely mean Abe has to resign as PM because he abused his power under Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution. Right?

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