Friday, October 25, 2013

(UPDATED: USGS Says 7.3) Magnitude 6.8 Earthquake Off #Fukushima Coast, Max 1-Meter High Tsunami Expected

(UPDATE 7) Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority says there is no damage/problem reported at nuclear power plants in Tohoku (Higashidori, Onagawa, Fukushima I and II) and Kanto (Tokai II).

(UPDATE 6) It seems the municipalities in Miyagi, Iwate (prefectures north of Fukushima) are playing it extremely safe, in light of the March 11, 2011 earthquake/tsunami. A number of municipalities that suffered grave damages in 2011 are issuing the evacuation recommendations to the residents in coastal areas. They include: Rikuzentakata (Iwate), Ofunato (Iwate), Ishinomaki (Miyagi), Higashimatsushima (Miyagi).

(UPDATE 5) Workers at the plant are safely inside the Anti-Seismic Building on site, says NHK. (It is NOT that they were evacuated from the plant.) The workers were working near the seawall at 2 in the morning injecting water glass into the soil to build the impermeable wall in the soil to prevent the groundwater from leaking into the plant harbor. Yes, that same operation which actually caused the groundwater to rise and go over the wall. Ugh.


This, on top of heavy rain due to Typhoon No.27. It is raining in Fukushima and wide areas in Kanto and Tohoku. According to JMA, "Heavy rain and gale" advisories have been issued for Fukushima, and "heavy rain and flood" warnings have been issued in Kanto.

(UPDATE 4) 30-centimeter high tsunami in Ayukawa, Miyagi Prefecture observed at 3:07AM.

(UPDATE 3) JMA has expanded the area with tsunami advisories: Fukushima Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, Iwate Prefecture, Ibaraki Prefecture, Kujukuri/Sotobo (Pacific Ocean side) area of Chiba Prefecture

(UPDATE 2) USGS puts the magnitude at 7.3, significantly larger than what JMA has announced. The epicenter is 326 kilometers east of Namie-machi, in the Pacific Ocean.

So far, no report of tsunami.

(UPDATE) NHK News reports (2:29AM, 10/26/2013) that TEPCO ordered workers working at the seawall at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant to move away from the seawall.

2 in the morning and there are workers working in the area (between turbine buildings and the plant harbor) with high radiation.

The word TEPCO and so NHK used is "退避" (retreat and avoid danger, take shelter), not "撤退" (evacuate).


Japan Meteorological Agency has issued tsunami advisories for Fukushima Prefecture:

Tsunami Warnings / Tsunami Advisories

Issued at 02:14 JST 26 Oct 2013

Tsunami Advisories have been issued for the following coastal regions of Japan:

Tsunami Advisories have been issued for the following coastal regions of Japan:


***********About Tsunami Forecast************

Marine threat is in place.
Get out of the water and leave the coast immediately.
As the strong current will continue, do not get in the sea or approach coasts until the advisory is cleared.

Though there may be slight sea-level change in coastal regions, no tsunami damage is expected.

******* Earthquake Information ********
Occurred at 02:10 JST 26 Oct 2013
Latitude 37.2N
Longitude 144.6E
Depth about 10 km
Magnitude 6.8

The tsunami is expected to hit the coast at 02:40AM, Japan Standard Time (just about now as I post this)...


Apolline said...

Hi Ultraman. You write :
"(UPDATE 5) Workers at the plant are safely inside the Anti-Seismic Building on site"

Are there workers working at night at FPP ?Survey workers, I suppose ?

Two aftershocks : 5.1 and 4.9

I follow this (it is 11 AM in France) and the solar CME, too.

Is there a link ?

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Helios, workers are working at night, injecting water glass to create underground impermeable wall to stop the groundwater from leaking into the harbor. Workers have been doing this since July, I think. In three 8-hour shifts.

Apolline said...

OK, thank you. Brave workers...

VyseLegendaire said...

Thankfully the tsunami warnings have been lifted.

Anonymous said...

There is an anti seismic building? What about all the other buildings? Aren't all the buildings at Fukushima suppose to be anti seismic?

Anonymous said...

For giggles, this guy thinks the coriums have slid, what is it? 250 miles offshore?,

"The 2 earthquakes (5.3 in Sept, and now the 7.3 ) could be the result of the China Syndrome effect? Why isn't it being followed up on? The 5.3 was almost directly a few miles underneath Fukushima, and this one, not far off the coast events. The coincidences are just too overwhelming for this not be in discussion."

At 6 miles depth that is a TRUE China Syndrome Hyperglide Effect. LOL

Car Enthusiast said...

Japan is truly one the Ring of Fire, the most dangerous zone of earthquake. THanks for sharing this post.

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