Sunday, November 17, 2013

(UPDATED) Fuel Assemblies Are Being Transferred into the Cask in Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool at #Fukushima I NPP

(UPDATE-2) Jiji reports (11/19/2013) that the workers successfully removed 4 unused new fuel assemblies into the cask by 6:45PM. The air dose level near the pool was 0.04 millisievert/hour (or 40 microsieverts/hour).


(UPDATE) TEPCO says the workers started lifting the very first fuel assembly at 3:25PM JST.


NHK's latest (11/18/2013 at 3:55PM; part):


At 3:18PM, TEPCO started to remove the nuclear fuels from the Spent Fuel Pool of Reactor 4 at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.


On November 18, part of the unused, new fuels will be transferred to the cask, a container for transporting the fuels, in the Spent Fuel Pool.


The work uses the fuel handling machine, and will continue until about 7PM.


Anonymous said...

I hope they don't Fukuppy™ the operation haha.

But it is not really very funny is it. I hope this operation goes smoothly and without incident.

P Garin said...

You have to wonder at this point, especially after revealing that there were bent and damaged rods 25 years ago, that they would actually admit to accident that would be unfolding, and then have to admit that they weren't sure what to do. I suspect, they would issue some sort of statement that things were to be put on hold, then, discuss the ramifications before issuing a statement... or deny anything was wrong until independently observed a rise in readings, and someone were to ask for a response, which of course they question the accuracy of the claim, or the individuals making it.

Anonymous said...

If they are in such a madly hury, why not work in shifts, so you can go on for 24 hours? The official reason will be not enough qualified workers, the unofficial reason: it's just to keep your mind of pool 1,2,3. They have no clue or technology how to do that. Also to keep you away from thinking about the coriums, which can not be solved either.
If Tepco and Japan gov. would be honest, they would say that they have no idea how to stop the never ending contamination of Japan, the ocean and for that mater the world.
Being honest doesn't bring you Olympics, doesn't bring you profit, doesn't bring you voters.
So we put up a show, and here it is: for the next year we can talk, write, discuss and so on about the emptying of pool 4. Off course some things will go wrong, something always goes wrong with Tepco. Just keep talking, writing etc about it, Don't think about what is actually going on and will keep going on for a very very long time.
The truth is apperently so horrible, that we just do not want to think about it.
So, let's see, they managed to lift a few of those fuel assemblies. Let's hope it will keep going smoothly, so i can go to sleep now.

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