Thursday, December 19, 2013

Current Air Dose Levels in Different Areas Within #Fukushima I NPP Show Radiation Hazard for Workers

The PDF document that TEPCO released on December 11, 2013 (in Japanese only, so far) also contained information on air dose rates in different areas inside the plant compound, and how TEPCO hopes to reduce the rates for workers who have to work in the cluttered, high-radiation environment.


Air dose levels in the above areas (in microsievert/hour), and the radiation mitigation plan:

Area I is the ocean-side (east) of the reactor buildings and turbine buildings (1 - 4). Between the turbine buildings and the open channel of the plant harbor, workers are still injecting waterglass to create in-the-ground impermeable wall to stop the groundwater from leaking into the harbor. Debris in this area is highly contaminated with fallout, and the effect of direct radiation is also significant. It is a high-radiation area (over 100 microsieverts/hour), and unless the debris are removed, the air dose levels there are not going to come down.

Area II-1 is the mountain-side (west) of the reactor buildings (1 - 4), and radiation levels are high. In the far right column "Further mitigation plan", TEPCO writes, "block direct radiation that comes from reactor buildings".

Area III may not be that high in gamma radiation but it is the area where the waste water after reverse osmosis (desalination) leaked, and it has high beta radiation contamination.

Area IV-1 and Area IV-2 are the only two areas with relatively low air dose rates. The anti-seismic building is located in Area IV-2. Area V is where the removed debris is stored.

Clear the debris first, bury them somewhere so that we can work, Mr. Michio Ishikawa of Japan Nuclear Technology Institute said in April 2011. Two years and eight months later, TEPCO's radiation mitigation plan in December 2013 is to clear the debris and sweep the roads.


Anonymous said...

Tepco is going to need many more disposable workers. If the senior management (and govt sacks of sh1t in suits), could be 'encouraged' to do a tour of duty at FD, the outlook might improve. Certainly it can't get any worse with the current bumbling, dissembling incompetence.

jsp said...

glad to know that spams have stopped
I have two informations in French
1° one about State's secrets law
«Compte tenu de la traditionnelle opacité de la bureaucratie, déplore Koichi Nakano, de l'université Sophia, il faut s'attendre à une application large de ces principes. Une catastrophe nucléaire comme celle de Fukushima pourrait être considérée comme relevant de la sécurité nationale. »
2°some French journalists have been authorized to go on the site of Fukushima plant for 2 hours , together with IRSN people.
De retour au poste de contrôle, les dosimètres individuels affichent 0,02 mSv après une visite de deux heures.
Les salariés de Tepco et de sa cascade de sous-traitants ont pour beaucoup franchi la ligne rouge. Officiellement, depuis mars 2011, 173 d'entre eux ont dépassé 100 mSv, dont six au-delà de 250 mSv, le plus exposé ayant reçu 678 mSv.

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