Friday, February 28, 2014

201 Accidents at #Fukushima I NPP? "No Way," Says Worker at the Plant, "It's More Like 1,000"

"Happy", who's been tweeting from Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant since March 2011, tweeted on the news that Nuclear Regulation Authority told the Lower House Budget Committee that there have been 201 accidents at the plant since March 2011 earthquake.

He says "1,000" is more like it. OK that makes more sense. Almost one a day.

"Happy"'s tweet:



This number [201] is only the ones that have been publicly disclosed. If you include "hiyari hatto" [a Japanese word that means "an incident that almost became a more serious accident") by all companies at the plant, the number would be over 1,000.

Prime Minister asks "Why?" He doesn't seem to understand. But that's because Prime Minister is not paying serious attention to the restoration [ongoing work] of Fukushima I NPP.

From what I've read since 2011, "Happy" seldom voices a direct criticism of politicians. This tweet is one of the rare cases.


"Hiyari" - making one's blood turn cold
"Hatto" - startled


Anonymous said...

1000 accidents since, ~ 1/day: this is obviously a situation known in the vernacular as "Rule by Fuk-stik".
see this picture for its visual icon,
[camera man's perspective "doesn't exist", classic sign of "fuk-stik operation". Each "operator/actor" expresses inherent awareness that each object stored is an Essential Error, yet persists in denying that transformatively with rationalyzations about bill-paying, families, etc.]

forklift operator, a classic "fuk-stik-er",
[note the essential irritation at being photographed]

"Rule by Fuk-stik" is defined as a situation where managerial "actors", seeking to sidestep responsibility consequences, nominate their underlings to handle tasks that ensure the project's objectives retain momentum.
The underlings then assume a persona somewhere along a continuum of arrogance that almost always involves "fuk-stik" seeking to penetrate your observing skills and subvert those skills with a dismissive gruffness.

Jim Conca, master "fuk-stik" responsiblity-relegator,

WIPP workers [as potential "fuk-stiks"],

"budget dust" fines at Hanford,
These open air storage boxes are the type of material being shipped to the WIPP.

And on a total aside, read this for a shining example of how govt. bureaucracies explain away their right, their almost-penchant, for endangering the welfare of their "employees",

Anonymous said...

Then again, at a rate of ~ one accident/day, there may be a direct correlation to TEPCO's generating of nuclide testing "results", see below,

"Some 120 papers published in established scientific journals over the last few years have been found to be frauds, created by nothing more than an automated word generator that puts random, fancy-sounding words together in plausible sentence structures.
.. The fake papers are in the fields of computer science and math and [nuclide testing by TEPCO @ Fukushima Daiichi] .. "

fixed it for 'ya, Fox

Those SCIgen frauds referred to above must be the inspiration for this dribble produced recently by Charles Krauthammer,
in which he feigns scientific objectivity while transparently defrauding the reading public.

Is there a curious further correlation to the WIPP events in Karl'sBad, NM?

Anonymous said...

Areva, you have any idea why the fuel removal site at Tepco hasn't been updated in a few weeks?

Anonymous said...

Of course you should have TEPCO report actual accidents and near misses. If you don't set this requirement, then only the minimum will be reported and you can't blame them for not reporting if they're not required.

Joffan said...

@ Anon March 2 11:03 - the english side of Tepco's site often seems to fall behind. The japanese report is more reliable and you only need to look at numbers :-)
Today's number is 418/1533 fuel rods moved.

Anonymous said...


This is a theory only, but it may be that in the Orient graciously hosted guests do not imply that their hosts are possessed of "convictions" on any topic.
To do so may result in guests being "convicted" in some fashion, which of course, to guests is the very worst choice of a host in this gathering about openness and courageous regard of the factuality.

Sarcastically, it may be some indicator of the perennial "nukelubed-ness" at work.

Without further elucidation, we are left with "inscrutability".

Regrettably, and in light of recent events at other "hosted addresses", we may be viewing yet another instance of a "secrecy jurisdiction", a la Shaxson.

Anonymous said...

Joffan, thank you for that. Very helplful!

Anonymous said...

SCIgen, nuclear frauds, transparently defrauding the reading public, and slant-drilling "Karl'sBad skullf*kkers" with repository casinos in karst geology, nice ..

"Is there a curious further correlation to the WIPP events in Karl'sBad, NM?"

"Hmm. Now that you mention it, I wonder if there is a drill bit sticking out of the WIPP ceiling."

The "drill bit" of Glo-bull warming denial, right boys?

Anonymous said...

Calling Bill Duff: Where da snow? [L-M-A-O]

Must be the snow that were Alaska's got sent down to the Antarctic ice shelf or was over chasing Eskimo elders, hey Bill?
The guy that handles snow requisition at Koch F*kstikkin' must'a missed the memo.

“We had been told that the gorge had as good of conditions as last year, but that must have changed significantly from the time that the reports were made,” said 31-year Iditarod veteran DeeDee Jonrowe. “I, in 31 years of going down the gorge, have never seen the gorge as bare as it was.”

"Punishing conditions along the early part of Alaska's nearly 1,000-mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race have brought many mushers literally to their knees," [lipstick on pigs]

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