Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Chinese Government Demands Japan to Return Weapon-Grade Plutonium to the US as President Obama Has Requested

"G2" in complete agreement in this case. See my post in January this year for the demand from the other G2 nation.

From Xinhua (2/19/2014; emphasis is mine):

China calls on Japan to return plutonium to U.S.

BEIJING, Feb. 19 (Xinhuanet) -- China has voiced serious concern over Japan’s possession of weapons-grade nuclear material. The US has been calling for the return of over 300 kilos of weapons-grade plutonium, which it loaned to Japan for research during the Cold War.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry is pressing Tokyo to return the plutonium to the US as soon as possible. At a routine news conference on Monday, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Hua Chunying, said Japan’s large stockpile of plutonium poses serious nuclear security and non-proliferation risks.

China is calling on Japan to settle the imbalance between its supply and demand of nuclear materials, in accordance with International Atomic Energy Agency rules.

"China has been paying great attention to nuclear proliferation, the safety of nuclear material, and its potential threat to regional security. According to the rules of the International Atomic Energy Agency, each country should ensure a balance of supply and demand when it comes to nuclear material. Japan storing large amounts of weapons-grade material violates such rules. It is obvious that only the peaceful use of nuclear energy can guarantee no security issues will arise. China urges Japan to give a concrete explanation, and take responsibility for the safety of international society, comply with its obligations, and return the materials to the US as soon as possible.” Hua said.

"A complete explanation" is simple enough - the US gave Japan 300 kg of weapons-grade plutonium. (The understanding in Japan is that this plutonium is not "loaned" but gifted. )


Anonymous said...

What's the problem here? The Japanese ARE returning the plutonium to the US...drop by drop via the tons of nuclear waste they are spewing into the sea. It's all going to wash up on the west coast of the Americas.

Stock said...

Oh just hilarious! China has nukes, but doesnt want Japan to have nukes! The hubris is suffocating!

Anonymous said...

Given Japan's hubris in dealing with Fukushima, Japan should NEVER have nukes.

Buck said...

Why doesn't the American government demand/request/even just suggest, for the first time IN HISTORY, that UN inspectors take a look at China's ever-escalating armaments, nuclear or otherwise??? Or North Korea's??? Rather than, for example, regularly acquiescing to THAT particular rogue-state as-future-catalyst-for-WW3 in order to send them food! But no, the West has not ONCE in the past even glanced in the direction of China in terms of formal & egalitarian arsenal assessments.

Anonymous said...

Everyone in Japan, and around the Pacific, is already dead - or will be soon, from plutonium contamination.

Game over children - you all achieve Darwin Awards.

When China has a melt down, the same thing will apply.


Anonymous said...

Too bad this all had to unfold while The Grand Vacationer is in office. It MIGHT have been contained. Obama will make sure China ends up 500 times better off than they were...at our expense.

Anonymous said...

Grand Vacationer. LOL. I have this nagging feeling that there will be no 2016 presidential election, and the Vacationer will stay on. And on. And on. To make sure the US is dead.

aaronstandingbear said...

Playing within the maze entangled in their subterfuge will not lead us into the Golden Age and so what must occur is that ALL nuclear power in any form be stopped and because we wont/cant do it we will have it done for us by benevolent ETs who have the entire earths well being in hand, believe it or not. Respect.

Anonymous said...

Return it? Hell they probably made it!

Anonymous said...

@ Stock

"China has nukes, but doesnt want Japan to have nukes! The hubris is suffocating!"

The US has over 7,000 nukes but doesn't want Iran to have even one. Is the hubris not suffocating too?

Blindmancc said...

Is it not obvious...China is planning a takeover of Japan.........are you all blind?
Japan may, will, have to fight for their lives. I say, Keep it Japan and get ready to use it..

Anonymous said...

Yup. Keep it and turn it into nuclear warheads, quick.

Richard Gaines said...

This is a bit late and I am surprised it had not come up in this discussion yet. It appears that 300 kilos of weapons-grade plutonium is just a snow ball off the the tip of the iceberg. What about all the plutonium sent to Japan from the UK etc.?

"NSNS has learned that the country (Japan) has used its electrical utility companies as a cover to allow the country to amass enough nuclear weapons materials to build a nuclear arsenal larger than China, India and Pakistan combined" - See more at: http://www.dcbureau.org/201204097128#sthash.N1nT4LjO.dpuf

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