Thursday, March 13, 2014

M6.3 Earthquake Off Northeastern Kyushu, Seismic Intensity of "5-Weak" at Ikata Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear Regulation Authority's emergency information page says there is no report of troubles at the nuclear plants in the region (Ikata NPP in Ehime, Genkai NPP in Fukuoka, Shimane NPP in Shimane).

Ikata Nuclear Power Plant is located in Ehime Prefecture in Shikoku, across from the Bungo Channel that separates Kyushu and Shikoku.

Ikata Nuclear Power Plant with pressurized water reactors by Mitsubishi Heavy Electric sits extremely close to Japan's Median Tectonic Line, the largest fault in Japan, part of which is active.

The plant is one of the few nuclear power plants in Japan slated to restart after NRA finishes the reviews.

MTL, from wiki:

Location of Ikata NPP:

Earthquake epicenter, according to USGS:


kintaman said...

Better fire up those reactors Abe, huh?
F*cking idiots.

Anonymous said...

Fucking morons building the reactors there in the first place.

Fucking murderous swine wanting to restart them.

Fucking idiots not wanting to resist the restart.

I wouldn't piss on Abe even if he was on fire.

Anonymous said...

Japan is a greater threat to the world than all the extremist fundamentalist,terrorists and rogue nation states put together

Anonymous said...

Seems to be a FIRE there... check this from a local.

A Big fire in #Shunan City in #Yamaguchi is not dangerous, local TV says.

Anonymous said...

According to the pro-nuclear Nikkei Shinbun the Ikata plant experienced an acceleration of 45/56 gal; the plant is supposed to withstand up to 570 gal.
I wonder whether the plant "earthquake resistance" includes only the reactors or whether it covers all the 30 years old piping connected to the reactor, the electric cabling and switching, the lines feeding external power to the plant etc. etc.
According to the NRA "there are no reports of troubles at the nuclear plants"; I guess this just means that Shikoku Electric did not report any trouble to the NRA.
Note that the relationship between the earthquake degree (5-weak in this case) and the acceleration is not linear and depends on the earthquake frequency ( According to the same web page a 5-weak earthquake corresponds at least to an acceleration of 50 gal whereby a 6-weak earthquake corresponds at least to an acceleration of 100/200 gal. At a 0.5s period (2 Hz frequency) the same 6-weak earthquake corresponds to an acceleration of 300 to 500 gal.
Fukushima experienced an earthquake barely above its design limits.


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