Tuesday, April 8, 2014

(OT) "STAP Cell Is Truth, I Have Encountered It Many Times!" 30-Year Old Riken Researcher Pleads in Press Conference


Having already hired not just one or not even three but FOUR attorneys in preparation to fight her employer Riken, the prestigious research institution in Japan who has in fact re-hired her with taxpayers' money ($150,000 a year, I hear) as of April Fools' Day, Ms. Haruko Obokata is holding a press conference in Osaka with more than 200 reporters attending.

The 30-year-old PhD (for now, until Waseda University strips her of the doctoral degree) is fully employing the girl-like charm with blank stares, shifting eyes as if she is about to cry for an effect, well-coiffed old-fashioned hair style, and is speaking like an elementary school girl who is trying hard to make excuse for her bad behavior or missing homework. "Poor me! Look at me I'm suffering!"

"STAP cell phenomenon is truth, I have encountered it many times. Just because my paper was not well-prepared, why should STAP cell be denied?"

Well, a total fiction can be truth, as a female novelist from nearly 1000 years ago in Japan wrote in her phenomenal Tale of Genji.

Your paper, which you wrote with the vice president of Riken and your Harvard University professor (Mr. Charles Vacanti, an anesthesiologist), is full of borrowed and photoshopped photographs and borrowed texts without attribution. The key photograph that was supposed to prove the existence of your STAP cell was copied and photoshopped by you from your own doctoral thesis at Waseda University.

I couldn't stand to watch the press conference (live on USTREAM right now) any longer. It has devolved into tabloid news.

"There is no photograph that shows what does not exist, therefore it is not a fabrication," Obokata just said.

She is no scientist, and the Japanese media is no scientist. They deserve each other.

As to the STAP cell itself, after many attempts to reproduce the result, Professor Ken Lee of Chinese University of Hong Kong has thrown in the towel after all, and has gone back to his own research. He said in his ResearchGate post 5 days ago:

"I don’t think STAP cells exist and it will be a waste of manpower and research funding to carry on with this experiment any further. "

Meanwhile I haven't heard any news about Nature Magazine investigating its "peer-review" system, or about Harvard University investigating Professor Vacanti's lab.


Anonymous said...

What's the big deal? Dissembling 101 is a mandatory course element for any Japanese doctorate it would seem!

Anonymous said...

Or she took the Hundred and One Dalmatians for granted.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Meanwhile I haven't heard any news about Nature Magazine investigating its "peer-review" system, or about Harvard University investigating Professor Vacanti's lab."

It's a simple game these essential collaborators play on opposite sides of the Atlantic, a collaboration that grew out of WW2.
Britain's Nature magazine and the Ivy League rely, in this case, on each others' "evacuation" of their positions-proper, a strong reflection on their weakened selves.

For "weakened selves" what better proof could be acquired than modeling the CIA/OSS on MI5: did the British ever stop attempting to destabilize the American democracy after 1776?

Obokata, in the end, is merely desiring her continued "financialization", and return.

VyseLegendaire said...

With the way most 'science' works today anyway, even with a totally plagiarized and fraudulent analysis you have a better chance of hitting the mark than what usually passes for legitimate.

Anonymous said...

has threw= has thrown
Please respect my language

Anonymous said...

Even native eng. or us-eng. people sometimes make gross mistakes.
I spoted this mistake as I read the post, and so what ?
Compassion for the poor miscreants who try and communicate in english seemed to be obvious here, as it's not a puzzle to understand who's native language is eng. or another one.
BTW, what's your skills in Japanese ? And do you own English, or wasn't it given free of charge to you by your dear mam ?

Anonymous said...

Who are you, who claims to own the English language?

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Sorry as I forgot to erase the previous version of the sentence (which was the past tense and changed to the present perfect tense, or I attempted to...). Does that make me "miscreant"? ?

Anonymous said...

You've been sinning once, Laprimavera, and that's enough to send you to hell. May-be we'll meet there, as I do sin a lot. But I don't fear that, as I was quite good in Latin, which I suppose they usually speak down there.
Anon at 9:20 AM

Anonymous said...

Now, now, gentlemen, let's not be falling upon each other like rabid wolves.
Being ever-distrustful of the "instead" factor, let us return our focused attentions to the "unpacking" of Obokata's public identity.


Anonymous said...

OT, in a way
Subject : Areva ( not the admin )

Check your least-hated translator or wait for international echoes, at your will.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 1:45AM, there is no "-" in the word "maybe". You will descend to lower language hell.

Anonymous said...

Laprimavera, why no Fukushima news and comment?

Has somebody given you a 'talking to' ?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Anon at 12:56 PM, I thought the two forms were in use. I'll try and move upwards.
Learning plenty of things here. After reading the admin was a shill (did you get your fat check, btw, Laprimavera ?) I also discovered what a "talking to" means.
One of my favourite blogs, by far.

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