Sunday, October 5, 2014

(OT: Updated) Typhoon No.18 to Hit East Japan

(UPDATE) The landfall is likely to be Hamamatsu City in Shizuoka Prefecture. JMA reports the current location of the typhoon to be SSW 70 kilometers from Hamamatsu City.


From Japan Meteorological Agency website:

Direction and speed of movement: NE 45km/h(25kt)
Central pressure: 950hPa
Maximum wind speed near the center: 35m/s(70kt)
Maximum wind gust speed: 50m/s(100kt)

It is likely to be a "direct" hit in East Japan. Usually, a typhoon that hit East Japan and Kanto will have made a landfall earlier in West Japan, thereby its destructive wind and rain reduced by the time it hits East Japan. Not so this time. East Japan, particularly Kanto, is not well-prepared for a direct hit.

The US military's Joint Typhoon Warning Center seems to predict the location of the landfall to be Izu Peninsula:


Anonymous said...

Typhoon Vongfang makes last week's storm look positively puny in comparison.

180 mph winds, 50 foot waves, and still strengthening. Perhaps the first category 6 typhoon ever.

Predicted to hit Japan on Saturday.

Another opportunity for Tepco to dump even more toxic water into the sea?

Anonymous said...

Another opportunity for fear porn, more likely.

Anonymous said...

Fear porn?

Another moron in denial, or maybe another fuckwit worried that the reality of radiation damage is affecting his/her financial prosperity.

Send them all to Fukushima if they are so convinced there is no danger.

Anonymous said...

180 mph and still strengthening, you say? Golly. The winds must be up to 200 mph now, and the waves up to 70 feet. By the time the typhoon reaches Fukushima, the winds will be blowing at over 250 mph and the waves will be 100 feet!!

Tee hee.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Vong has weakened slightly, winds 'only' 160mph. Waves 'only' 50 feet. Sounds like perfect surfing weather except 'Charlie don't surf' lol

Anonymous said...


Maybe it would be good to let the other readers know your source for this information, because the Weather Underground is advising that Vongfong hit Okinawa with sustained winds of 64mph, with gusts of 89mph. It is also advising that Vongfong is weakening into a tropical storm.

I realize this is not nearly as sexy as the lurid potential 160 mph winds.


Anonymous said...

Is that a sigh... Or a hot particle wheezing I hear?

There's not much post 3/11 that is sexy unless anticipated necrophilia is your 'thing'

Another typhoon, another record high leak from FD.

So what's a few trillion more bequerels between friends? Just put the downside on your tab huh?

Anonymous said...

You have resorted to lies, exaggerations, and removing things from context in order to scare people, and now you are trying to shift the discussion to radiation leaks from Fukushima, as if it didn't matter that you said 200mph winds and strengthening, or that you said 160mph when in reality the sustained winds were half of that before the typhoon even hit the mainland.

Well, if you are so keen to lie about the weather, one has to wonder what else you will lie about.

Anonymous said...

We could probably all agree that this supertyphoon 'lost it' rather rapidly.

Anonymous said...

'Lies, exaggerations, and removing things from context'

LMAO sounds like page one of SOP's from the Tepco manual of disinformation.

Anonymous said...

...says the guy who was pushing the story about 160 mph winds yesterday.

Why do you think its better to frighten people with lies than to tell them the truth.

Anonymous said...

4:32 people are already frightened (with very good cause) having suffered countless Tepco lies. JP govt is no better.

Anonymous said...

You have set the bar very high indeed. "What does it matter if I falsify the truth? Tepco and JP government do it too."

Well done. With standards like that, who needs the truth.

Anyway, there is a new typhoon post to freak out over, so, we'll see you there.

Anonymous said...

Glad you agree that Tepco and JP Govt have lied.

It's a start.

Anonymous said...

You are in stellar company. You have much to be proud of.

Anonymous said...

We are ALL unfortunately in the 'stellar' company of Tepco and JP govt... Even the denialists and the 'fear-porn-police'.

What next? Reality-porn? Truth-porn?

Anonymous said...

The difference is that I am there reluctantly, and with an independent mind that can challenge their lies and their incompetence, as well as your lies and incompetence.

You, on the other hand, join them in creating fabrications and misleading the public, for what reason none of us yet know.

We already know you enjoy fear porn. Frankly I'm not interested in the other forms of porn you enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Here: for both of you, we've found science porn. The most interesting water on planet Earth .. water that does not freeze at -35C ..

Anonymous said...

The report in the link shows they inserted ice underground.

Anonymous said...

Assuming their measured temperatures were accurate (why else report them?) it'd be reasonable to assume the water flow past the freeze sites was not THAT high as they would have noted that, too.

We therefore have a yet further type of porn: inference porn. With a factor of conceptual dread at the implications of rapid temperature rise confounded by an inability to freeze water when below its freezing point.

Perhaps, even, conceptual dread at the psychologies of those who may be capable of spoofing the entire arrangement: setup, reportings of measures and events, and explaining away the logical problems with the impossibility of all as given.

Anonymous said...

"The report in the link shows they inserted ice underground.", is it?
Minimalist response practice was your response?

They've done a bit more than "inserting ice", don't you think?

Water that would not freeze: If the laws of physics have prevailed, then Tepco is studiously ignoring explanations:
"In the end, laws of physics prevailed and the contaminated water did not completely freeze, as TEPCO finally admitted, albeit in a very convoluted way in their report to Nuclear Regulation Authority on August 19, 2014 (Japanese only, PDF).

The report by TEPCO claims that 92% of the ice plug was formed in the Reactor 2 Shaft A. Well, a failure is a failure, as TEPCO admits the water continues to flow from the turbine building into the trench even at a faster speed now that the opening is narrower.

What's worse, in the open duct that TEPCO dug at a different location (southwest corner of the Reactor 2 turbine building), the water hasn't frozen at all despite 2 months of effort using the freezing pipes.

The water temperature remains mostly above 8 degrees Celsius"

Hopefully the main feature of "Plan C" is not fell-dropped minimalist explanations.

Anonymous said...

Haven't you boys got an Ebola plague to freak out over?

Anonymous said...

" Ebola plague to freak out over?"

When asked if he'd understood the protocol at work in West Africa's outbreak, Mr. Frieden of the CDC decided to prevaricate and present the front lines as ruled by contagiousness, not infectiousness. At that point, we knew the spoof was on.

It was a time of Denial, a time of 'create your own reality', possibly pad your own wallet?

Anonymous said...

create your own reality: as in, fabricate a 160 mph wind speed to a storm that was already well on its way to becoming a tropical depression. For the purpose of??

If you wouldn't mind putting those creative writing skillz to good use (for a change) and please tell us why you thought it was so important to lie to everyone and make the storm seem more mighty than it was, it might be quite educational for us all.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you may care to explain why you believe that the crisis at Fukushima Daichi is not as dire for Japan (and the rest of the world) as you might have everyone believe.

Fukushima remains an ongoing catastrophe of unparralelled consequence. Wisdom would dictatate that such a catastrophe agreed by all to wreak its' effects over decades to come, has not yet fully manifested its' dangers.

Wringing of hands, gnashing of teeth, and pitiful protestations of apologies haven't changed a thing. Here we all are, three and a half years down the line, and all evidence points to a damning culture of incompetence, carelessness and murderous malfeasance.

Anonymous said...

I don't have to defend my views on Fukushima to you - in fact, I haven't said a thing at all about the Fukushima crisis, other than to correct the poster who made the ridiculous comment about the frozen water.

I've pointed out your lies and I have said very little else on the matter, and now you try to position yourself as the holiest Tepco critic, even though you occupy the same ground as them. You've lied and have been manipulative throughout this whole tedious comment thread.

Everyone who reads this thread can see how you tried to stir up fear over a typhoon, and how you now sidestep that and are trying to steer the fight in another direction. I don't think there is anything further to say on this matter.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead and shoot the messenger!

200mph or 20mph winds, what does it matter if the end result is yet more record high leaks from Fukushima Daichi.

You seem to be fixated, (for some unknown reason), on maintaining a minimalist perspective re this crisis.

I was not trying to 'stir up fear' as you put it..... I am indeed fearful for every event, typhoon or otherwise, that has the capacity to exacerbate this catastrophe.

I am fearful that the fuckwits responsible for managing and ameliorating this capacity seem to be most concerned with covering their own asses, to the detriment of the people.

The appearance of normality can only be sustained for so long. Eventually the clouds in most people's eyes will clear as they feel the effects of this disaster at a personal level. Sooner or later, every single person in Japan will know someone who has a disease, or who has died directly as a result of radiation damage.

I don't believe that downplaying the crisis serves any profound purpose.

Do you want to die in îgnorance, or live your life making informed choices. That is the question.

Anonymous said...

Just so we're all on the same page here ..

-35C is -31F
For water to be subjected to that temperature, for days/weeks/months and not freeze totally doesn't really allow for any evasiveness. It demands an explanation, and "obstructions" isn't that explanation.

5 to 8 C seems to be Fuku's equilibrium temp. for its hydrology. Why is that? Not even the slightest of clues, Tepco?
No observations of any relevance?
How believable is that: no explanation?

Anonymous said...

Where, other than Iori Mochizuki's hypochondriacal "Fukushima Diary" does anybody mention -35C water?

In Tepco's press releases they refer to ice.

Anonymous said...

Same page, calling, again: Mr. Mochizuki was referencing Tepco's pdf.

The chilling system is liquid nitrogen, yes?

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, 4:21, I did miss your EXACT cueing: "Haven't you boys got an Ebola plague to freak out over?"

Not only does the government claim to own the Ebola circulating in your blood, lol, but the nuclear industry claims to own your thinking about nuclear pollution .. how remiss of me ..

Jealous of their profits: JEALOUS

Anonymous said...

The Tepco pdf discusses the addition of ice into the system (氷投入) and it discusses the subsequent change in the water level. A search for liquid nitrogen (液体窒素) turns up nothing in that document.

Anonymous said...

For the person crying about shooting the messenger, since the beginning I have been pointing out the ridiculousness of the statements regarding the typhoon of last week. Upon doing that I was subjected to a barrage of ad hominem attacks (moron, fuckwit), and other absurd comments. You've said your piece - that you believe "every single person in Japan will know someone who has a disease, or who has died directly as a result of radiation damage". In a thread of nonsensical statements, this one stands head and shoulders above the rest, capped off with your self-congratulatory phrase about living making informed choices - a phrase that someone pushing the false story of an 180mph wind ought to be extremely ashamed of making. Well sir/madam, if that is the message you are pushing, I believe the messenger deserves to be revealed for the fear-mongering charlatan he/she is. Your complaint against my "minimalist" perspective is well-noted, but in this thread I am a single-issue-voter: I object to your trying to spread fear by blowing the typhoon out of proportion. Your response seems to be, "don't point out my lies, fuckwit". Its a response that is worth noting.

Anonymous said...

Grow up and stop whining.

I didn't call you a fuckwit or a moron, but if you choose to align yourself with those who most certainly are fuckwits and morons...

Grow up and stop painting this pathetic picture of a personal 'ad nominem' attack. The world does not revolve around you and neither does this catastrophe. Your complaints are hollow compares to those who have suffered and are yet to suffer the consequences of the FD disaster.

It's not alright post 3/11. The situation continues to worsen. Accept that some things cannot be magically put right. Either accept some responsibility for the greed and hubris of those that you continue to support in power' or stand up and make a change.

It's not ok post 3/11. Catastrophic changes have occurred and cannot be undone in our lifetimes. Life is that much poorer on the planet as a direct result of FD.

Stop thinking about yourself and start realising that actions taken today directly affect the well being of those yet to live their lives.

Start by accepting the shame that this generation should bear as a result of its' unbridled greed.

Anonymous said...

Eat your Fuku beef ..

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