Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ron Paul for President in 2012!

Dr. Ron was interviewed by Anderson Cooper of CNN alongside his son, Dr. Rand.

Ron Paul is seriously considering another run for presidency in 2012, saying he's involved in "a revolution".

From Infowars:

Texas Congressman Ron Paul has once again spoke of a potential Presidential campaign for 2012, declaring that is is very seriously considering running, given that all other potential candidates from both parties do not represent any real change.

The Congressman appeared alongside his son, Senator elect Rand Paul on CNN’s Anderson Copper 360 show.

The Congressman again described the odds of such a development as 50/50, but supporters will take great encouragement from his words:

“People ask me if I think about it a lot and I do because I get asked it all the time. But yes. I am giving it very serious consideration, and I know all the pros and cons.” the Congressman said.

“I do listen to many supporters that seem to be so sincere and interested in what I’ve been doing over the many years. They have responded to the monetary issues and the policy issues and the personal liberty issues.” Paul added.

“Because the young people are responding and giving the encouragement, I am really thinking very seriously about it, but at this time I cannot give an answer.” he told viewers.

When asked who Paul believed would be his most formidable challenger if he ran again, the Congressman noted:

“I would consider everyone of them a pretty big challenge because I am involved in a revolution, I want revolutionary ideas, I want to return our country to the original roots of individual liberty.”

“Everyone that I know of, Republican and Democrat, in many ways they represent the Status Quo.” Paul continued.

“They don’t get excited about the Federal Reserve, they don’t get excited about bringing troops home from Japan, they don’t get excited about reducing the government by 50, 60 or 70 percent, and letting college kids get out of social security. No, they would all fit the position of the status quo, and the supporters I have know that we’re talking about something quite different.”

Read the full article at the link.

I went to listen to Ron Paul in 2007 in an event organized by his supporters at Google (hard to imagine now, with that creepy CEO in support of Obama agendas). There were young college students, aging hippies and boomers, an exotic dancer from San Francisco, dolled-up babes from Texas, young managers and engineers at high-tech companies in Silicon Valley - a very odd assortment of people. After a few guest speakers (including Justin Raimondo of Antiwar.com, and G. Edward Griffin, author of the book "The Creatures from Jekyll Island", a must read for anyone who wants to figure out what's been going on around us in the past 100 years and where it is headed), Ron Paul went on stage - a thin, slight man who talked in a high-pitched voice.

And this odd assortment of people all went wild over his ideas. And guess which topic got the loudest applause and support from the audience: The Federal Reserve and its fractional reserve banking system. Honestly speaking, I was rather surprised. I thought, "Anti-war, maybe, but not the Federal Reserve, very few people knew about or were interested in the topic." I was so wrong, pleasantly wrong.

After the event, I also attended the $50-a-plate lunch, where Dr. Paul spoke again. At my table, there were a young Indian boy, probably in high school, bringing his dad. And there was another son-and-dad pair from North Bay, who owns an auto shop. There was a very quiet young man who said this was the best $50 he'd ever spent, to which all of us agreed.

And here's the CNN video clip, also posted at the link:


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