Friday, July 1, 2011

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool Photo

TEPCO took this photo when they sent carbon-based workers on June 29 to the 5th floor of the Reactor 4 reactor building. They released other photos on June 30 as part of press handouts but this had to wait a day.

It looks like a nice radon hot spring water, doesn't it?. The temperature is rather high for comfortable bathing, at constant 85 degrees Celsius (185 degrees Fahrenheit).

Here's what they released separately as the press handout on June 30:

The fuel pool valve is totally rusted, probably from seawater.

The radiation level turned out to be "benign" for the plant, and TEPCO says the workers can now go up there for the work of installing the cooling system for the Spent Fuel Pool.


Anonymous said...

Actually, the rust is probably from boric acid that was injected to prevent inadvertent criticality.

Anonymous said...

"inadvertent criticality",

that's like when humans are in physical proximity to it?

otherwise the criticalities are assumed and expected?

and small scale?

steaming away in the picture

Anonymous said...

While searching for images of #3 sfp, I came across this, about halfway down the page,

"images of reactor 3 released in 2010 by TEPCO
The image is them moving MOX rods from the SPF to the reactor well.
According to CNIC any MOX fuel brought on site had to be stored in spent fuel pools due to the strength.
Greenpeace reported that in 1999 65 MOX elements were shipped to Fukushima.
The first MOX rods were installed into reactor 3 at Fukushima in August 2010."

Steve the jew asked for a schematic in another thread, there's one 4/5 of the way down the page.

Anonymous said...

more on the #3 explosion, from this forum,

curious11, halfway down page,
"The containment explosion hypothesis seems a likely explanation for the multiple explosions heard during the reactor 3 event. i.e. pop 1 being the pressure vessel, pop 2 being the primary containment, and then pop 3 being the unpressurised hydrogen in the roof void. Although I would not have expected such large durations between each pop, and there are no visible signs of 3 independent explosions."

I had not known 3 "pops" were heard. Anyone have reports of duration between "pops"?

Shortly after by Tcups,
".. the primary explosion is extremely powerful, and it is upward and to the right, consistent with the visible damage in the close ups."

I would add upward and to the right, then UPWARD, notably.

After by AntonL,
".. a self extinguishing fire twice in unit 4."

Anonymous said...

Lots of corrosion. Makes me wonder what state the aluminum racks are in, seeing as the pool is one giant metal/metal battery right now.

Anonymous said...

"Makes me wonder what state the aluminum racks are in, seeing as the pool is one giant metal/metal battery right now."

Their problems are multifarious.

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