Monday, July 4, 2011

Matsumoto Lasted 8 Days as Minister of Recovery and Reconstruction

Ryu Matsumoto, of Type-B blood and "Taurus", resigned on July 5.

Eight days as the Minister of Recovery and Reconstruction, all he did was to insult the governors of Iwate and Miyagi.

Thanks to Tohoku Broadcasting Co. who wasn't intimidated by this Minister's words and broadcast the news segment and thanks to the Internet users who spread the news video, he's gone. For now.

From Bloomberg (7/4/2011):

Japan’s disaster reconstruction minister quit a week into his job after publicly scolding the governor of a tsunami-devastated region, in the latest blow to embattled Prime Minister Naoto Kan’s administration.

Ryu Matsumoto told reporters today in Tokyo that he had submitted his resignation to Kan, adding that he also quit as disaster prevention minister.

In a July 3 meeting with Miyagi Governor Yoshihiro Murai, Matsumoto rebuked him for arriving late, then told him that unless there was a consensus in the prefecture regarding a rebuilding plan, “we won’t do anything.” Matsumoto then told the assembled press not to report the conversation. Video of the meeting has been posted on the Internet.

Opposition lawmakers called on Matsumoto, 60, to quit and criticized Kan’s judgment in appointing him to the newly created post. Kan is already under pressure from both the opposition and his own Democratic Party of Japan to step down over his handling of the March earthquake and tsunami that caused the biggest nuclear disaster in 25 years.


Anonymous said...

"he also quit as disaster prevention minister"
Well, yes. Since Matsumoto is a one-man walking disaster himself I don't see how he could actually prevent disasters. I am so glad the media did not stay 'off the record' as he demanded. In the US, politicians who can normally stay off the record sometimes miscalculate - if the politician offends the dignity of the media in some way, well then suddenly he's on the record. In this case, maybe members of the media just could not bear to watch the people of Fukushima be abused by this man - maybe they objected to him the way the rest of all normal human beings would object to him.

moonkai said...

hahahaha .... I am cracking up ! THis is too funny ! Where do they find those people !!

Kim and Kame said...

Thank you Tohoku Broadcasting Co and thank you EX-SKF for sharing the truth( about all the lies and coverups) everyday.

Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez:

This guy reminds me of that butt snuffler "Snake Magobei" from the "Hanzo the Razor" series. That's what we need is a modern day Hanzo Itami to punish corrupt officials and pleasure their wives and mistresses into revealing their secrets. That would be news we could use!

the voice in your head said...

Hanzo the Razor! LOL! A modern day Hanzo would have a hard time finding future harvested bales of rice to practice on that weren't radioactive. He's probably expire from cabinet-member cancer before he even got started with the interrogations.

Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez:

In my movie/manga/anime radioactive waste gives Hanzo a chinpokomon "tentacle" monster that rights all wrongs. That would be the sub-title of the first movie "Tentacles of Justice!" followed by "The Tentacles" and finally "Hanzo the Tentacle: Who's Got the Multi-Headed Rape Tentacle"? Imagine top TEPCO and JGOV officials hanging in rope baskets above said monster I bet we'd get some truth then. Oh did I mention Hanzomon can also become a daikaiju 100 stories tall with atomic breath? Hanzomon feeds on lies, deceit and obfuscation so he'll never die.

the voice in your head said...

Okay, right, Hanzo only has two possibilities in post-Fuku Japan. Either he gets cancer of the penis from poking radioactive bales of rice and dies or it goes the Godzilla way(much more entertaining).

"Hanzo the Tentacle" sounds awesome! If there is anyone more deserving of a good multi-headed tentacle ass raping it's TEPCO's upper management and the top guys at JapGov Corp.

Hanzomon! Yes, as long as he doesn't step foot out of Japan, he will live forever.

This is some brilliant screenplay I must admit.

Anonymous said...

Hah. Quite ironic that the Minister of Recovery and Reconstruction has himself turned out to be a disaster.

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