Monday, December 12, 2011

France's AREVA Shares Stopped Trading at the Request from the Company

AREVA requested Euronext Paris SA to suspend the listing of the company's stock.

From, what looks like AREVA's press release (12/12/2011):

Regulatory News:

Following press rumors dated Sunday, December 11, 2011 and Monday, December 12, 2011 and public statements dated Sunday, December 11, 2011 concerning the AREVA group and in light of the Supervisory Board meeting to be held today, the group has requested that EuronextParis SA suspends the listing of its stock (code ISIN: FR0011027143).

This initiative is to ensure that comprehensive, accurate and precise information is communicated to the market and to all AREVA's shareholders in an equal manner.

AFP Japanese says the company is set to report a massive loss and the plan to restructure today (December 12).

Even TEPCO is not using AREVA's water treatment system any more. AREVA's system is reportedly the most effective of the three systems (other two being Kurion's and Toshiba's zeolite towers) in removing radioactive materials (mostly cesium), but is prone to more troubles, it is alleged. I personally think TEPCO simply does not want to deal with the radioactive sludge coming out of AREVA's system, and the storage capacity for the sludge was running out when TEPCO stopped using the system.


CaptD said...

Yet another massive bit of Fallout from Fukushima!

This will probably aid those in France that also want to do away with Nuclear, come the next election!

CaptD said...

“Action 2016”: AREVA’s strategic action plan to improve performance - AREVA

Watch the volume of Areva traded stock go skyward, as the per share value goes downward; I bet many will short the stock N☢W...

4 years is "Forever" or NEVER to most investors these days!

Atomfritz said...

By the way, I don't understand why "arevamirpal". It sounds so areva-ish... do or did you have stock of Areva?
Sorry for this question, hope it's okay to ask...

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@atomfritz, read it backward. It spells the name of my favorite music (baroque and tango).

Atomfritz said...

@ laprimavera

oops now I understand :))
thank you for explaining!
never got the idea trying to read backwards (stupid I am...), and always wondered why this "areva mir pal". it associated to me like areva peace (=russian mir) pal (friend)...
and thank you again for all this great information research you do!

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