Wednesday, January 25, 2012

OT: "Egoist" by Falco

(Speaking of an egoist...) One of my favorite songs.

Die ganze Welt dreht sich um mich,
denn ich bin nur ein Egoist.

Der Mensch, der mir an naechsten ist
bin ich, ich bin ein Egoist.

and of course this one:

Drah di ned um, oh oh oh - schau, schau,
der Kommissar geht um! oh oh oh


farfromhome said...

Wow! Thanks! Way to take me back to the 80's! A time when the threat of nuclear holocaust was just that - a threat. Not sure what it is now....

Anyway, brought me back to a simpler time and a smile to my face!

Anonymous said...

I don't like most pop and rock music in German, but Falco had a great voice and a sense of humor. Too bad that he died so young. Too many drugs and emotional disappointments (the paternity issue really got to him)...

Anonymous said...

It may be sad but true: Falco had even more to say that could just as well be a critical look at how in japan (and anywhere else) some people in influential postions take personal advantage regardless of the consequences for the lives of all of us.
(Falco - Titanic 1994 live)
(Falco - Titanic - Video)

"Sieht man um sich, was passiert, wohin es geht oder auch nicht,
hilft nur eines, Schampus, Kaviar, Noblesse im Gesicht." -
Looking around, at what's happening, what the future holds, or lacks, there's only one thing to go for really: champagne, caviar, superficial nobility.

"Die Titanic sinkt in Panik, ganz allanig, aber gut. Denn wer sich retten tut, der hat zum Untergang kan Mut" -
The titanic sinks and panic spreads, it sinks alone but in style, and those who evacuate just lack the courage to go down (so let's enjoy the end of the world).

"In jedem Fall entscheid´ ich mich, egal ob nobel oder nicht,
besser neureich sein als nie reich sein, und in Gesellschaft nicht allein." -
In any case, my choice will be, no matter if I'm upper class, I'll rather be rich without class than poor, and I will join those who have influence and power.

"The unsinkable Titanic" - ... hmmmm, no comment ...

and finally:
(Falco - No Time For Revolution)

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