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Radiation in Namie-machi, Fukushima Almost Exceeded OSHA 90-Day Limit for Radiation Worker in 14 Days Last Year

The cumulative radiation dose at MP (monitoring post) 32 in Fukushima Prefecture from March 23 to April 4, 2011 was 11,630 microsieverts (or 11.63 millisieverts), almost exceeding the OSHA 90-day limit for radiation worker of 12,500 microsieverts in 14 days.

My guess is if the radiation had been measured from March 11, 2011, it would have surpassed that limit long before March 23, 2011.

From Enformable's digging of the NRC FOIA documents, 3-page email dated April 9, 2011 says on page 3:


The U.S. 50-mile radius adequately protects public health, but the Japanese 20-kilometer (12 mile) radius may not protect the health of the general public, pregnant female radiation workers, or radiation workers who remain longer than 2 weeks near MP32.

MP32 remained MP32 in the Ministry of Education and Science (MEXT) monitoring data, until April 11, 2011 when the location was finally named. It was Akougi District of Namie-machi in Fukushima. Why was the location finally named that day? Because that was the day the government announced the planned evacuation zone that included Akougi and most of Namie-machi that was not already inside the 20-kilometer no-entry zone.

Akougi is located at 31 kilometers northwest of Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, outside the no-entry zone. The district was finally declared planned evacuation zone on April 11, 2011, because the annual cumulative radiation dose was expected to exceed 20 millisieverts.

There was a evacuation shelter in Akougi, with people living there until March 30, 2011.

According to the MEXT data, as of March 26, 2012, the cumulative dose at MP32 since March 24, 2011 is 125,760 microsieverts, or 125.76 millisieverts.

Chuck Casto E-Mail - Pages From C141933-02BX-24

Here's the same information released by the Ministry of Education on April 6, 2011.


Hélios said...

A link to Akio Matsumura blog :

Fukushima Daiichi Site: Cesium-137 is 85 times greater than at Chernobyl Accident

Anonymous said...

If you look at the computer screen it shows that the poor sad guinea pig japanese womanwoman has very high cesium, I know because I watched same thing in belarus. I am crying and the world doesn't care.

Anonymous said...

and what did the bureaucrats say back than. Better not tell it the public, they might get panicked. They probably silently contacted their families and friends (in case such people have something like that) and kept smiling....

How lovely... It is really hard to eat as much as I would like to thr.. up!

wade allison said...

Has no one noticed? Nobody has died of radiation at Fukushima (and actually nobody will). Something is wrong! The time has come for everybody to take a look at the medical effect of radiation on life, for their own sake. Not too hard. Download and read "Public Trust in Nuclear Energy" file on - free. No, its not paid for by anyone and I am not anything to do with TEPCO, industry, govt etc. I am an academic and I just want to share the result of my studies. It's about biology really, it's pretty marvellous, it's what evolution has done for us. Please don't scoff, take a read.

LMSchmitt said...

Dear Mr. Allison,

you may be right: nobody has died of radiation at Fukushima, yet. However, the document
which is a well-researched and referenced document shows beyond a reasonable doubt that some people will. Radiation around the Fukushima NPPs is -at distance- comparable to the radiation contamination in Germany after Chernobyl. Please, consult pages and references 26/54/55, in particular.

With all due respect,
Prof. Dr.rer.nat.habil. Lothar M Schmitt, The University of Aizu, Japan

PS: A nuclear expert who worked for the State of Rheinland-Pfalz in Germany and the EU in Luxembourg communicated to me that government estimates show 800 deaths due to Chernobyl in Germany.

Wade Allison said...

Dear Professor Schmitt
If you had read the article you would understand why authorities have not understood.
With respect
Wade Allison, MA DPhil, Professor Emeritus of Physics, University of Oxford, UK
[actually it is the understanding of the science and the data that support it, not the eminence of authorities or experts, that matter.]

Anonymous said...

Prof. Allison

A genuine question from an anonymous layman - have you ever stood back from your work and considered that your theory may be wrong?

Regardless of it's merit, or not, as we all helplessly await the conclusion, your views are very much golden prose to the pro-nuclear lobby. In a shameless world where money and profits are by far the greatest driver of technology and it's applications, I hope you realise the consequences of your stance, if in fact, you are mistaken.

Anonymous said...

Mr Wade, your theories notwithstanding, history and science states that many will die from the fuku disaster, whether sooner or later. The effects will also be felt for generations. In summary, genuine science and practical observation of the chernobyl disaster (our community has children affected by Chernobyl over to visit so we are well aware of the destructive nature of radiation and toxic isotopes) trumps your junk "science" any day. FWIW, none of the people I know that work in the field of atomic energy believe as you do!

wade allison said...

Two questions here. First the posting of 8.42 AM. Why are you anonymous? Anyway, yes, since I wrote my first academic book on this in 2006 I always ask which way the science goes and follow it. I am an academic, I am not interested in golden prose, just in proper understanding and logic. I have no concern for money and profits but I have great feeling for the people of Japan who are suffering needlessly. I am not mistaken. Look at the science, look at the data.
Second anonymous contributor. Why are you anonymous? Nothing to hide? History and science do not state that many will die at Fukushima. The reverse is the case. This isnot "my theory". Fear had a very serious effect at Chernobyl - genuine symptoms from fear of radiation, not from radiation itself. I have worked in the fields of radiation, nuclear and medical physics for 40 years. As I explain in my article, and in my book, far higher beneficial doses are accepted by the public than they will getat Fukushim. The world is still listening to Cold War propaganda and sci fi movies. Look at the science. My "beliefs" are not very important but the science is.

Nancy said...

I will tell Mr. Allison the same thing I told Mr. "potato chips are just like cesium 137". Move to the evac zone. I am sure there are homes you could rent or buy in Futaba dirt cheap right now. Take your kids. Put your money where your mouth is and prove to all of us how "safe" it is.

I find it interesting that these so called "experts" always include their entire CV to try to prop up their weak arguments. Like we should all suspend common sense and believe whatever bunk they are peddling because they are a professor somewhere or have a doctorate.

Nancy said...

People HAVE died in Fukushima. Many of the deaths have questionable origin. TEPCO and the government have at best turned a blind eye and at worst purposely covered up radiation related deaths.

Over 500 deaths were contributed to by the nuclear accident. Chaos, stress and exposure contributed to those deaths. They were not caused by the tsunami but the ensuing events and the government has recognized them.

A number of worker deaths from the plant have been suspicious. One of the more recent ones the worker was not transported to the hospital for an extensive period of time and TEPCO can not account for this. The worker supposedly had a fairly low external exposure level according to TEPCO. Officials took possession of the body at the hospital considering the death suspicious. Then there is the worker that suddenly came down with acute leukemia. He worked at the plant the same week the 10,000+ sVh hot spot was found. There are photos of a worker standing there about 6ft away taking that reading. Nobody is admitting it is the same person but it sure does raise suspicions.

None of this addresses the issue that most deaths from radiation exposure have years and even decades of latency. Saying there are no deaths right now is just a deceptive argument.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Dr. Allison, I am the site admin, and I allow anonymous postings as I value the freedom of speech, even if that has let in occasional strange and amusing trolls (and some absolutely infuriating ones).

I don't know if you are real or not, but you are free to post regardless, as long as you do not intentionally spread patently false rumors. Stop attacking my long-term posters just because they are anonymous. If you are real, why do you waste your time on a personal blog like this?

Why did you pop in in the comment section about the post of Namie-machi, where the residents were effectively lied and abandoned by the government?

wade allison said...

I am attacking no one. I am encouraging people to use their common sense. I am not criticising the site admin for allowing anonymous postings, just that they are more convincing when they use their names. Suspicion and fear are your choice but life is better without them. In this case they are not justified. Nancy, yes I have been into the zone within 2 km of the plant in fact, and learnt from doctors, school teachers and community leaders about the dreadful damage this unjustified fear has caused. The untruths are not where you think they are. Usually other people ask me to address them (in Japan, UK, India, Australia, USA, even Germany) rather than me "wasting time on a personal blog like this". But thank you for allowing me freedom of speech. I will leave you there.

Nancy said...

Yet another "radiation is good for you" who won't put his money where his mouth is. Ducking into the evac zone is quite different from living there as Mr. Allison is saying other people should do. Of course he won't do it himself.

Anonymous said...

By all means go where you're invited to speak for a fat fee. Thanks for your charity coming here for free.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on, this can't be the real Wade Allison but an imposter to discredit Dr. Allison!

Chibaguy said...

I highly doubt this is Wade Allison. Thus person cannot even use caps when it comes to the name. If you ask people like this direct question about the geography of Japan they will not be able to answer you. However, I enjoy their posts because they prove time and time again they have no idea what is going on.

Anonymous said...

Mr Wade,

Unfortunately, academics work for Universities that are funded by the nuclear industry.

"Like the universities, the funding for the Centre comes from similar sources. For example, in the case of Bristol funding has come from EDF and Rolls-Royce, and similar funding is being provided by these companies and others to Oxford. We can provide more effective research outcomes by doing the work together."

"Rolls-Royce has a long history in the nuclear industry"

Did you read the leaked emails from the UK government at the beginning of the Fukushima disaster? Please join the discussion but try to think outside your square.

Wade Allison said...

There is no other Wade Allison in this connection, as far as I know. I am not supported by anyone, having recently retired. I have six grandchildren and it is important for them and their contemporaries that they live in a nuclear world. So for the next few years I will explain what I know. I get no fees, seldom any help with travel.

Anonymous said...

No one knows enough about the effects, ill or not, of radiation on the human body or the environment to make definitive statements. Studies are fractional and show some but not all of what is going on.

Here is one observation which needs no study: money and power hungry pathological fools are letting radioactive elements leak into our environment at a much faster rate than EVER took place, or already existed in nature alongside our evolution. Common sense tells us to be wary, if not somewhat panicked, when a perfectly balanced ecosystem conducive to our well being is being assaulted by an unnatural amount of poorly understood elements used in an unsafe technology run by, well, a bunch of arrogant douche bags.

The effects of an unnatural amount of spewed radioactive elements into our oceans are unknown, the effects of an unnatural amount of spewed radioactive elements into our atmosphere are unknown, the effects of an unnatural amount of spewed radioactive elements on our land and the wildlife are unknown...etc... hence, the effects on US are unknown.

Mr. Wade, if you have lost this instinctive sense of panic/fear--perhaps it is dulled by something in your case--then you have lost the very thing which helped our ancestors survive and thrive.

But, if one insists on studies, I suggest studying the nuclear industry and how it operates as an opener.

Anonymous said...

So I assume Mr Allison took his grandchildren with him when he went to within 2 km of the plant to talk to doctors, school teachers and community leaders about the dreadful damage the unjustified fear is causing. Perhaps he even enrolled them in one of the schools and took possession of one of the many unused houses to live out his retirement with them close by.

"significant airway obstruction and restriction consequences for children chronically exposed to low-dose radioactive contaminants"

Please read:

"significant airway obstruction and restriction consequences for children chronically exposed to low-dose radioactive contaminants"

Karen Sherry Brackett said...

Mr. Allison you should be ashamed of yourself. Oxford should be extremely ashamed and any school that purchases your text book is nothing short of pityful. I am pro-nuclear and pro-safety. You are doing more harm to the advancement of nuclear technology than good. Absolute zero is the goal for release standards when it comes to nuclear. There are no science studies on human exposure that really matter because they are all based on natural uranium which makes them all bogus to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen a Japanese sashimi chef prepare fish? Have seen the care and attention to detail masters of bonsai display?

Now ask yourself if anyone has died from sashimi poisoning and have any of those beautiful trees ever died.

Sadly the answer is yes, and so if the Japanese can't make nuclear power plants safe, then NO ONE can.

Karen Sherry Brackett said...

No one has Yet to do it but I believe it can be done. Because of cancer treatment we will never be nuclear free, that is our generations reality. The best we can do is not throw up our hands and say "Oh, well we tried and we failed." The failures we are dealing with are failures of past generations efforts. Those generations engineered what we have today with slide rules which is a remarkable achievement considering. Today we can do better and we must do better not only for medical reasons but zero releases are needed in all forms of industry. It is not just nuclear release that is hurting the health of children but all of the 80,000 manmade chemicals we dump everyday without ever taking a second thought to the harm they all do.

Anonymous said...

But because we will never be nuclear free, we will always need cancer treatment.
Add the cost of cancer treatment and the eventual loss of life into the cost of nuclear power. We just can't afford nuclear power at the moment.
We have to stop building them until we have fixed the problem. The Risks are just too great.
You have been proved wrong by Chernobyl and Fukushima.
Go there, live there, breath there.

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