Friday, April 13, 2012

#Radioactive Japan: Meat Dealer in Kansai Falsifies #Fukushima and Miyagi Beef as Kagoshima Beef; Already Sold and Consumed

There's always the first. Or I should say the first to get caught.

But before finally busted, the meat dealer already sold 1,424 kilograms of beef from Tohoku and northern Kanto, including 750 kilograms of beef from Fukushima.

From Yomiuri Shinbun (4/13/2012):


A dealer falsified Fukushima beef as "made in Kagoshima", as it is difficult to sell if labeled "made in Fukushima"


The Kinki Regional Agricultural Administration Office of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries directed the meat dealer "AMMS" (Itami City in Hyogo Prefecture) to improve labeling based on the JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) on April 13.


According to the Ministry, the dealer says [they falsified the origin because] it was difficult to sell with labels saying "made in Fukushima" and other prefectures. This is the first time since the start of the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant accident that the beef from Fukushima was deliberately mislabeled.


According to the press release, the dealer's store 福田屋此花店 in Osaka City sold at least 1,424 kilograms of beef from Tohoku and Kanto regions as "made in Kagoshima" and other prefectures, including 750 kilograms of beef from Fukushima. The Ministry conducted a site check on an anonymous tip.


Almost all of the beef had been already consumed, but according to the Ministry it was not on the list by the Ministry of Health of beef from the cattle that ate rice hay contaminated with radioactive cesium last year. None of the beef has been found with radioactive cesium exceeding the national safety standard.

No penalty from the supervising Ministry, though, other than "directing the dealer to display proper labels". The press release from the Kinki Regional Agricultural Administration Office on April 13, 2012 basically tells the dealer:

  • Please find out why this happened;

  • Please label appropriately from now on;

  • Please set up a system so that this won't happen again;

  • Please educate your employees appropriately from now on;

  • Please send us the report of your finding by May 14, 2012.

Why did this happen? Isn't that obvious? The dealer made a killing by buying up beef from Tohoku and Kanto at a depressed price, labeled it as "made in Kagoshima" and sold it at probably a huge premium.

The Kinki Agricultural Admin Office also says the dealer sold 280 kilograms of beef from Miyagi. No further information on the beef that this dealer sold that was of Kanto origin. Probably northern Kanto - Tochigi, Gunma, Ibaraki.


Anonymous said...

If the law refuses to deliver justice, the public will need to hold this business accountable. Allowing this fraud to go unpunished sends a very bad message to other would-be fraudsters.

A legal idea: Five determined people with hand flyers can shut this business down inside of two months. Just tell the truth to anyone who wants to buy from this meat dealer - and explain that there has been no justice.

Anonymous said...

This is the tip of the iceberg and concerns not only beef but any product from Tohoku. There will be no penalty as everyone wants to believe it's mostly safe there and we should support them. Deceitful labelling scandals are nothing new in Japan, sometimes they sell prohibited Chinese food - crackdown is a bit tougher then, but the industry is protected over the people.

Anonymous said...

Yet again no true accountability, the supplier who did this should be fined or made an example of... Japan is full of shit basically

Chibaguy said...

Toothless government! In normal times this person would have been fined at least. Japan, you are killing your reputation for quality. If information like this gets out, good look with complaining about cosmetic defects.

Anonymous said...

The butcher is merely doing what the government silently condones. In fact, is there any difference? These pork pies liars are saying everything is safe coming out of Fukushima. But we have seen enough proof to want to puke at the very thought of ingesting veggies, tea, wood beams, concrete (FFS) baby milk, water, fish, seaweed-YOU NAME IT.

This f-ing disaster area should have been closed down a long time ago. But no. The old paradigm is hard to shake off (not to say financially unmeasureable/catastrophic). So just serve it up to your people. Yum yum- thanks boys. F F F ukushima.

Anonymous said...

The guy should have been shot at dawn. This is tantamount to murder. Hope he enjoys his pieces of silver.

Anonymous said...

Alright, so the guy is obviously a sly prick!! BUT he is just the guy on the end of the stick. Were is the talk of government activity to backtrace it all to the slaughterhouse and the farmers.
They should all go done!!

Anonymous said...

shot at dawn is a tad harsh, just ship him off to the Nuke Reactor#3 to clean up for a few years

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