Thursday, May 3, 2012

Graffiti on the City Hall Bldg in Akita Prefecture: "I Will Kill Myself If You Accept Radioactive Debris"

Spray-painted in red on the wall of the City Hall building in Odate City in Akita Prefecture. The city is considering accepting the disaster debris from Iwate and Miyagi.

Ironically, the city had been accepting the incinerator ashes from Nagareyama City in Chiba, until the ashes were found with 28,100 becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium in July last year.

More ironically, the ashes from the wood pellets that the city uses and recommends for wood stoves to "fight global warming by reducing CO2" (according to Hokuroku Shinbun, local newspaper 3/17/2012 article) have been found with radioactive cesium exceeding 1,000 becquerels/kg. The pellets were made from local wood. The pellets were made from scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) imported from Europe.

The city has its own problem of radioactive ashes before it can take care of someone else's problem.

The photo was apparently taken by a resident of Odate City, who is very critical of the person who spray-painted the message. "It's an insult to people in the village in Iwate" where the debris will come from, he says in another tweet.


Anonymous said...

We must also hold the Iwate and Miyagi governments accountable for this. They can manage this problem locally. However they are participating in the federal government's plan to impose this potentially deadly waste on others.

They should be the ones being ridiculed and chastised, not the poor suicidal person whose voice is only now being heard.

By the way, if the tweeter is reading, our veterinarian in Tokyo told us yesterday that our little dog (8) has a tumor. Hope your dog doesn't suffer the same fate as a result of your stupidity.

Anonymous said...

@ anon above - please understand (and accept) that there is no accountability any more.

Since 2008, the entire world has been shown that financiers can break every law designed to control them and get away with it without ANY form of punishment.

This precedent has made politicians (controlled by bankers, of course) even more confident that they can do anything they want because there is no mechanism left amongst the people to hold them accountable.

The best you can do is enjoy every single day and moment that you can wake up with some semblence of a normal life.

Things are going to get extremely ugly in the next few years and there is nothing that our fractured societies can do about it. Sorry to be gloomy, but I call it as I see it.

Anonymous said...

Of course, it is assumed that radioactivity will be spread by the burning of the debris (a reasonable assumption), but scientifically speaking, NO ONE has actually investigated the issue. Good to keep the scare mongering going though Ex SKF.

Anonymous said...

time to start stringing these bastards up from land posts...

Anonymous said...

Violence will not win the hearts and mind of the people who will ultimately decide this issue. If you fight them physically, the public will brand you a terrorist and the politicians will feel justified to fight back.

However if you make them think about what their policies are doing, and if everyone reminds them that they are being idiots, they cannot fight back against that. They will change their positions and jump in front of the crowd. They are politicians afterall.

The way forward is speaking, talking, civil disobedience. And then more civil disobedience. And some more civil disobedience. But not violence.

Vani said...
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